Jackman and Craig put down mobile phone user

Sep 29, 2009
Tim Edwards

But the incident at the Broadway preview of A Steady Rain showed not all mobile phones are instruments of evil

Actors Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig have become the latest actors to fight back against the modern-day scourge of mobile phones in theatres.

In A Steady Rain, Jackman and Craig (pictured above on the Oprah Winfrey Show) play two Chicago cops who give alternative accounts of a few days that change their lives. But at last night's Broadway preview of the show, the ringing of a mobile phone interrupted Jackman in full flow.

"You want to get it? Grab it - I don't care," Jackman said – remaining in his tough guy character. "Grab your phone, it doesn't matter," he continued, as the phone kept ringing. Finally, after what must have seemed like an age to the phone's owner, he said: "Come on, just turn it off unless you've got a better story."

Unfortunately the person at the other end of the phone was persistent - and hadn't got Jackman's message. They called again. This time, Daniel Craig, also in his American accent, joined in the fun: "Can you get that? We can wait - just get the phone."

Following similar incidents at West End theatres, the mobile phone put-down is becoming an art in itself - Richard Griffiths is perhaps its strictest exponent.

Twice between 2004 and 2005 the actor ordered mobile phone users out of his plays, the latter incident occuring during a performance of Heroes. "Could the person whose mobile phone it is please just leave? The 750 people here would be fully justified in suing you for ruining their afternoon," he said, to applause.

Last night on Broadway, however, another audience member went some way to proving that mobile phones can be used for good. They recorded most of the incident on their handset – and sold it to gossip website TMZ.com.

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