'Boring' Britney Spears quits Cowell's X Factor USA

Jan 10, 2013
Richard A Jinman

Accused of being 'dull and disengaged', Spears ends $15m contract before she can be sacked

AMERICAN pop star Britney Spears has been called many things in her chequered career, but "boring" represents a new low.

The 31-year old singer's "dull, disengaged" performance as a judge on the TV talent quest X Factor USA has coincided with a "double-digit plunge" in the show's ratings. The knives were out, says the Daily Mail, so Spears decided to bail out of her $15 million contract before she could be pushed.

Being labelled boring is a new development for Spears who was deemed "exciting" when she was scoring global pop hits and "troubled" when she shaved her head in an alleged bid to disguise her drug taking. Sadly, the old magic failed her on X Factor USA where she struggled to even make eye contact with the pop hopefuls she was supposed to be mentoring.

It didn't help that Spears was seated on the judging panel next to Demi Lovato, an on-the-rise pop star the Mail describes as Britney's "younger, feistier and more outspoken co-star". X Factor creator Simon Cowell has called Lovato an "obnoxious little brat", an obvious sign of affection.

"Britney loves Simon, she likes Demi Lovato, but her thing is music," an anonymous source told TMZ. The singer is recording her eighth album with help from Will.i.am and wants to tour when it's released.

The New York Daily News says Spears has been exhibiting signs of her "old not-so-stable behaviour" for some months. It claims she made "weird" demands during the filming of an ad for her perfume, Fantasy Twist, asking for a duet with the faded 80s rapper Vanilla Ice one minute and a series of exotic animals the next.

Spears showed up to an X Factor press conference in Los Angeles on 17 December last year looking "dishevelled" and make-up artists have fretted over her fingernails which are apparently so badly bitten she has drawn blood.

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Do you really have to add 'boring; in the headline? Now that's bad journalism.

Oh dear, more evidence, if we needed it, of how the the music industry and corporations generally use, abuse, profit and then spit out their stars.