Kim Kardashian backs Franco and Rogan’s Bound 2 spoof - video

Seth Rogan and James Franco’s video gets the thumbs-up from Kim Kardashian – but silence from Kanye West

LAST UPDATED AT 10:05 ON Tue 26 Nov 2013

Seth Rogan and James Franco took a break from filming their new movie The Interview to recreate Kanye West’s infamous Bound 2 video.

Featuring intimate moments between a topless Rogan and a ‘rapping’ Franco, Bound 3 has instantly gone viral. It pokes fun at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who simulate sex on a vibrating motorcycle in the ‘excruciating’ original video.

Kim Kardashian was able to see the funny side of the spoof and tweeted the clip to her 18 million followers, but the notoriously sensitive Kanye has yet to comment on the video.


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