‘Small but impressive’ gag humbles Aussie newsman

Feb 17, 2011
Jonathan Harwood

Sports reporter’s comment about the Ashes backfires spectacularly (with video)

In the macho world of Australian sports broadcasting, news of a sexism row might conjure up thoughts of Andy Gray and Richard Keys. But the boot was on the other foot for newsreader Mark Aiston when he was on the receiving end of a very personal putdown from his colleague Belinda Heggen.

As a proud Aussie male, Aiston must have already been choking back the tears as he reported on the victorious England cricket team returning home with the Ashes.

But worse was to come when he finished his piece with the unfortunate comment: "How can something so small be so impressive?" He was, of course, referring to the famous Ashes urn rather than his manhood, but his remark was seized upon by Heggen.

Quick as a flash she replied: "Well Mark, you would know about that." And then turned, beaming and triumphant, to the camera as her gobsmacked, and belittled, co-host glared at her.

Watch out for Heggen on the Australian version of Talksport soon.

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