LOLs all round as Gray and Keys go to Talksport

Feb 9, 2011
Tim Edwards

Sports journalists unable to hide mirth at former Sky presenters’ move to blokeish radio station

Former Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys have signed up with blokeish radio station Talksport, two weeks after they left the satellite TV broadcaster over a sexism row.

Gray was sacked after footage emerged of him making sexist remarks about a female linesman and asking a female colleague to 'tuck in' his microphone down his trousers. Keys, who had been recorded in a sexist exchange with Gray, resigned two days later. The pair will host a three-hour show for Talksport on weekdays.

Given the nature of the banter that saw Gray and Keys make their exit from football's premier TV channel, their new home on Talksport - 'For men who like to Talksport' - should prove a good deal more comfortable for them.

The station has a history of highly public un-PC incidents. In 2008, Talksport presenter Jon Gaunt called a local councillor a "Nazi", while during the 2006 World Cup, Alan Brazil referred to the Japanese football team as "the nips".

The point is not lost on their colleagues in the media, who have mostly failed to hide their mirth at the Gray-Keys appointment.

The Guardian's Fiver column waggishly observed: "Tucking in mics is not Gray's bag any more: now he's all about turfing out Mikes. For Keys and Gray are to become the new hosts of Talksport's mid-morning rantathon, which has hitherto involved Mike Parry and Mike Graham fulminating against everything from political correctness gone mad to political correctness gone mad."

Meanwhile on Twitter, comedian and Match of the Day 2 reporter Kevin Day said: "Well done TalkSport for giving Keys/Gray their own show - finally they are dragging the station kicking and screaming into the 19th century."

Talksport programme director Moz Dee, meanwhile, was playing it

"The events of the last couple of weeks have been a lesson and have changed [Keys and Gray]," he said.

"One thing that hasn't changed, however, is that they are two iconic broadcasters who have a wealth of experience in the world of sport and that's what we have to do now - move forward with them as sports broadcasters."

No doubt, he's hoping they haven't changed too much - or blokeish Talksport listeners will tune out in droves.

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