Johnny Marr bans the PM from liking The Smiths

Dec 2, 2010
Natalie Davies

Smiths’ guitarist inspires campaign to get David Cameron’s favourite bands to disown him

Rock guitarist Johnny Marr has raised the one-fingered salute to David Cameron by banning him from liking his band The Smiths, inspiring a Twitter campaign to get all of the Prime Minster’s favourite bands to do the same.
Johnny Marr, who formed The Smiths with singer Morrissey in Manchester in 1982, posted a tweet this morning which said: “David Cameron, stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don't. I forbid you to like it.”
In the past Cameron has made much of his musical preference for cool British bands such as Blur and the recently reformed Pulp, even posing for photographers outside the Salford Lads Club in Manchester in 2008 to recreate the iconic image from the The Smiths’ album The Queen is Dead.
But just because the PM knows the names of a few bands doesn’t mean that the indie glitterati will let the biggest square of them all into their cool club. Today the Times columnist Caitlin Moran reposted Marr’s insult to more than 50,000 followers and issued her own call to arms: “Now Johnny Marr has BANNED David Cameron from liking The Smiths, I wonder if we can get EVERY band he likes to do the same?
“He likes: Blur, Pulp, Radiohead, the Ramones, Kiri te Kanawa, REM, The Killers, the xx and Pink Floyd. COME ON TWITTER! WE CAN DO THIS!”
Hoping that a network of musicians, artists and writers will back her cause, Moran gushed: “It could RUIN his entire iPod”.

She urged the Guardian’s pop critic Alexis Petridis to phone Tommy Ramone and another friend to call David Bowie. “He'll [Cameron] have to jog to Queen,” she concluded.

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