Book review: The Spirit Level

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 18:22

Non-Fiction: Do fairer societies like Sweden really enjoy a better quality of life?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 18:06

First of a series of X-Men spin-off movies telling the back story of Wolverine

Is Anybody There?

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 18:06

Michael Caine stars in this boy-meets-pensioner tale that addresses the indignity of ageing


News Thu 30 Apr, AT 13:22

Erick Zonca directs Tilda Swinton in a film pitched somewhere between Hollywood and art-house

Dean Spanley

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:33

This little gem of a movie is a strange costume drama about reincarnation

Lemon Tree

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:16

Middle East conflict fought out in a lemon grove in this beautiful story by an Israeli director and Palestinian co-writer


News Thu 30 Apr, AT 12:05

Nicole Kidman stars in Baz Luhrmann's poly-genred epic about the young continent

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

News Thu 30 Apr, AT 01:00

One dimensional romcom about a womanising bachelor who is shown the error of his ways


News Thu 30 Apr, AT 01:00

A shy student grows attached to the family of a missing girl in this expertly directed British drama

A new biopic Soeur Sourire tells the story of Jeannine Deckers, the Singing Nun

New film tells tragic story of the Singing Nun

News Wed 29 Apr, AT 13:13

Like Susan Boyle, bespectacled nun Jeannine Deckers found unexpected fame. But a new biopic charts the darker side of the singer’s rise and fall