Bryan Cranston as Walter White

Breaking Bad finale: did it live up to the hype? (no spoilers)

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US critics hail 'perfect finale', but some were not entirely satisfied with Walter White's final act

The Shining

Stephen King ‘nervous’ over Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep

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Horror writer will finally reveal the fate of Danny Torrance after escape from the Overlook Hotel

Blue Jasmine: thunderous return to form for Woody Allen

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Cate Blanchett tipped for Oscar nomination as critics rave about her sozzled socialite on the verge of madness

Aide sues Lady Gaga over 7,000 hours of 'unpaid overtime'

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Jennifer O'Neill says she had to sleep in same bed as star and was woken up to change a DVD

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones announce split

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Hollywood stars say they will be "taking some time apart" as friend claims ill-health has "taken toll"

Miley Cyrus 'violates' US with 'Twerking' display - video

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Singer sets new benchmark for outrage with video awards performance described as 'hyper-sexualised'

Lady Gaga: leaked Applause single attracts mixed reviews

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Pop star's 'brilliantly camp' new song is first new material since hip operation

Doctor Who: will Malcolm Tucker take over the Tardis?

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As Sunday announcement approaches, Thick Of It actor Peter Capaldi is favourite to take over from Matt Smith

Gosling's Only God Forgives 'sickeningly violent' and 'dull'

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They didn't like it at Cannes - and they don't like it now, though Kristin Scott Thomas makes a fabulous evil mother