Violence in films: is it time for Hollywood to say 'cut'?

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Jim Carrey's objection to violence in his own film 'Kick-Ass 2' has sparked a wider debate

John Lennon's extraordinary audition for 'The Voice' - video

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Former Beatle tries to wow judges with his song 'Imagine', only to be told he's got the wrong key

Steve Coogan

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa film trailer released – is it funny?

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Mixed reviews as promo for Steve Coogan's hostage drama starring Norfolk DJ comes out - video

Who is Natalie Holt, the woman who 'egged' BGT's Simon Cowell?

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Viola player who stole spotlight with volley of five eggs is branded a 'nutter', but is she?

Michael Douglas, oral sex and the black art of publicity

Tue 4 Jun, AT 15:12 Richard Jinman

Michael never meant it THAT way, and Rhys had a reason to be grumpy. Why can’t PRs tell it like it is?

'The Americans': new US series utterly baffling and ponderous

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American spy drama fails to live up to expectations of viewers suffering from an absence of 'Homeland'

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas: oral sex gave me throat cancer

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But actor's claim that more oral sex is the 'best cure' for his throat cancer raises eyebrows

John Simm forced to backtrack after Doctor Who comments

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Actor denies saying he hates attention he received for playing the Master in cult sci-fi show

Morgan Freeman dozes off on live television – video

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American actor catches 40 winks while promoting 'Now You See Me' on morning television

The intelligent punter's guide to the Eurovision Song Contest

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Don't be a Euro-sceptic: how to pick a winner in this year's musical spectacular