DiCaprio and Day-Lewis lead field to play Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Film adaptation of imminent biography prompts rash of speculation

LAST UPDATED AT 14:56 ON Mon 10 Oct 2011

SONY PICTURES, the studio that produced Facebook film Social Network, has bought the film rights to Steve Jobs, the official biography of the late Apple founder. The book by former Time managing editor Walter Issacson has already topped the Amazon bestseller list ahead of its release this month, and inevitably, the question of who will don the famous black turtle neck to play Jobs is generating a similar buzz.

As with the book, whose release date was brought forward a month following Jobs's death last week, no time is being wasted in making the film adaptation. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures is paying up to $3m to secure the rights and has installed Mark Gordon, whose previous credits include 2012 and Source Code, as producer.

The fact that Sony is yet to officially announce the deal has done nothing to prevent speculation over who will play Jobs. A-list names like Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio have been mooted, while TV stalwart Noah Wyle has crept into the frame for a creditable performance as the only screen incarnation of Jobs to date in television drama Pirates of Silicon Valley. "Jobs thought the ER actor did a fantastic job donning the turtleneck," Deadline claims.

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