Birds 'sense' severe weather to flee tornado danger

One-Minute Read Fri 19 Dec, AT 11:50

Underground sound waves may have alerted songbirds to dangerous weather, allowing them to escape

Scientists decipher the meaning of a cow's moo

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Dec, AT 14:20

Cows and their calves communicate using individualised calls equivalent to human names


Man 'eaten alive' by anaconda on wildlife show

One-Minute Read Mon 8 Dec, AT 12:23

Stunt intended to 'raise awareness' but has angered animal rights activists while critics have branded it 'nonsense'

Two giraffes in a zoo in Berlin

Giraffes could become extinct as poaching increases

One-Minute Read Wed 3 Dec, AT 11:35

Conservationists warn that giraffes are increasingly being targeted for their 'deliciously sweet' meat

 In February this year people walked in flood water in Moorland on the Somerset Levels

Flood defences: £2.3bn fund will protect 300,000 homes

One-Minute Read Tue 2 Dec, AT 09:32

Labour says government flooding investment is just a re-announcement of funding confirmed last year

Greenland ice climate change

UN summit on climate change in Lima: can deal be reached?

Briefing Mon 1 Dec, AT 11:52

Diplomats hopeful of a global agreement after more than two decades of failed attempts

'poo bus'

Toodle-loo: all aboard the UK's first 'poo bus'

One-Minute Read Thu 20 Nov, AT 15:41

Inventors say the bus powered by human waste will improve air quality and prove the value of poo

Great shark

Electronic cable tested as a shark barrier in South Africa

One-Minute Read Mon 17 Nov, AT 12:04

An electronic field that repels sharks could be an environmentally friendly alternative to shark nets

Acid oceans: the risk from carbon emissions

One-Minute Read Fri 24 Oct, AT 13:21

Some species 'may not last the century' as rich eco-systems are threatened by industrial emissions