Brian May slams TV chef for 'badger casserole' comments

Sep 25, 2012

As petition against cull reaches 100,000, Two Fat Ladies star suggests we eat leftover badger meat

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BRIAN MAY has hit out at TV chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright after she said that badgers killed in the impending cull should be eaten.

The Two Fat Ladies presenter suggested turning the animal meat into a ham or basting and marinating it like pork to serve in a casserole, reports The Independent. "It would solve the problem. There's going to be a cull, so rather than just throw them in the landfill site why not eat them?" she said yesterday.

"I would have no objection to eating badgers. I have no objection to eating anything very much, really."

Queen guitarist May, who is spearheading the fight against the cull, said: "I think we should seriously consider eating senseless people like this Clarissa whoever-she-is. She's obviously outlived her usefulness. I wonder if she would be best boiled or braised."

Dixon-Wright's comments came as a petition to urge the Government to stop the cull – launched by May last week – reached 100,000 signatures. It is a milestone that means the issue can now be considered for debate in the House of Commons.

The cull is aimed at reducing the spread of tuberculosis to cattle but campaigners claim it will not solve the problem and vaccination should be considered instead. Farmers will be licensed to shoot up to 70 per cent of the badgers in a 300 square kilometre pilot area in Gloucestershire. A second licence for a pilot cull in Somerset is still under consideration.

Despite the growing public opposition, the new farming minister David Heath insisted last night that the government remains 100 per cent committed to its decision.

During a Liberal Democrat Conference fringe meeting in Brighton he said he hoped the petition would pave the way for a "sober" Commons debate on the issue but said the cull was scientifically justified and there were no viable alternatives.

"I cannot see the current situation being allowed to go on and on and for TB to increase across England and eventually cover the whole of the dairy farming country. That is unacceptable in welfare terms, socially, to farmer and to taxpayers and I will defend the policy right the way through because we have got to do something about it."

However, shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh said “ministers should listen to the scientists and can this cull which is bad for farmers, bad for taxpayers and bad for wildlife".

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Brian May is a staunch vegetarian for animal welfare reasons. He also knows that raising and slaughtering animals for meat is inhumane and causes massive global warming, pollution, water shortages and myriad ecological crises. He's incredibly sane and humane.

I think someone should put Clarissa Dickson-Wright into a casserole. Honestly, what a doddering fool. Perhaps a petition should be taken up to have her removed from air, have her certification taken away and perhaps her vocal chords removed? What a stupid woman.

If Brian May is a vegetarian surely he shouldn't advocate eating Clarissa Dickson-Wright? Appalling double standards. And why should meat eaters not eat badgers? He doesn't say. The only good reason is that as badgers slaughter and kill so many chickens and other animals, they are meat-eaters themselves, and we generally only eat vegetarian animals. Which has just given me a great idea, Brian May -- would you like to come for dinner??


Farming minister, David Heath, is not listening to the facts and evidence, politicians seem to have a flare for this.

Well said Brian. Dickson Wright is one of the most repulsive of people. She would obviously kill & eat anything.

On the Isle of Man it would appear that there are no Badger setts yet the cattle still have TB.

Let this useless Government (who I unfortunately voted for) work that one out.