God, Obama and aliens: the top Hurricane Sandy conspiracies

Oct 30, 2012

Christian preacher says God is punishing US for supporting gay marriage, while others blame Obama

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AS MILLIONS of Americans on the north Atlantic coast deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the internet is abuzz with speculation about the so-called 'Frankenstorm'. Meteorologists have put the cause of the devastating storm down to an unusual trio of weather factors – hurricane meets an Arctic storm under a full moon - but conspiracy theorists have some very different ideas…

One Christian preacher has blamed Hurricane Sandy on the US government's support for gay marriage and abortion. On his website Defend Proclaim the Faith, Chaplain John McTernan says: "Once a nation legalises sin, like abortion and homosexual 'marriage', that nation falls under the direct judgment of the Holy God of Israel. God does not destroy a nation right away but first warns." He concedes that his readers might be angry with him, but insists that it doesn't change the fact that America "has fallen under the judgment hand of God".

While some believe God is trying to punish Barack Obama with Hurricane Sandy, others believe it is Obama who orchestrated the storm to secure his re-election. Several conspiracy websites have posted stories over the last few days alleging that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) helped the president engineer Sandy, reports US News. The research programme, managed by the US Air Force and US Navy, studies and conducts experiments relating to the upper atmosphere. Conspiracy theorists believe the government uses the Alaska-based programme to manipulate the weather with the help of electromagnetic waves.

In Forbes magazine, Kenneth Rapoza points out that the storm was predicted years ago by the ex-horror writer Whitley Streiber and supernatural radio show host Art Bell in The Coming Global Superstorm. The book, which inspired the blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow, was actually a non-fiction. Streiber claimed he was abducted by non-human beings, which he calls "the visitors" (others have interpreted them as aliens), who warned him that the climate of the earth was going to change and was going to cause a disastrous superstorm when it did so.

Right-wing website WorldNetDaily has mused on whether the storm was genuinely an "act of God" and asked if the storm really was "a message from the Almighty" angered by America’s attempts to divide the land of Israel. WND correspondent William Koenig said: "Both political parties have now accepted, specifically, a two-state solution to peace in the Mideast, dividing Israel's land between Israel and a Palestinian state. And now this hurricane story is going to disrupt political campaigning and possibly affect voter turnout for both parties."

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I like the way The Week pokes fun at these idiots by linking rants and predictions together. And by they way -- that is not a 'Christian' preacher up there. What he says is far removed from anything Christ said.

Several of the States that will overwhelmingly vote for OBAMA were FLATTENED last night by the WRATH OF GOD. What does that tell ya?

The fact is, and it is painful to say, but the fact is that Hussein Obama is doing a FINE JOB of destroying an Apostate sinful depraved nation that has abandoned GOD. Obama campaigns on Immorality and the Pagans love him! He promises to be the most evil, the most Anti-Christian most immoral leader in the world and they cheer.

The United States abandoned God long ago and it turned to empty Philosophy, Polytheism, Mutha-Earth worship, Spiritualism, Neo-Paganism, Satanism, or what some call Opraldo-Donahue-ism (Oprah, Geraldo, Donahue).

Hell bound celebrities in the USA are worshiped as Gods. The people dance around their latest Golden Cows. They worship the Obamas and the Clintons and the Kennedys and Margaret Sanger and Karl Marx. Little children pray to THEE OBAMA. It is no wonder to me that GOD smashed those Pagan Obama voting states.

This is a warning that will be ignored by the same people who deserve the Wrath. I believe there is more to come and that Obama will continue to DESTROY America

Obamageddeon is not just a catchy phrase. It’s real. It’s happening.

The BarackAlypse is a divine punishment for an evil nation of ungodly people who have bathed in immorality and drank of depravity for too long.

I go for GOD'S JUDGMENT ON GAY MARRIAGE and PUNISHMENT FOR DIVIDING ISRAEL; the Blessed Nation of God now in the Hands of the Lord of Hellfire.. Thanks to OBAMA.. But thousands of years Ago this was said.. Be careful lost society of United States come back quickly to God doors.. the signals are around the corner already..

"Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the Lord" (Psalm 33:12) THOSE WHO BLESS ISRAEL WILL BE BLESSED

This is the Wrath of God no doubt, but rather than Gay marriage I would reckon it's mot to do with the killing of innocent civilians and waging wars for proft for decades across this world, the most morally corrupt, illiterate nation on the planet, inventor of all that is evil..wake up USA this is just the beginning..

Also to all you Islamophobes out there, does not this warn you that making a film, and mocking the Holy Prophet of Islam in cartoon form, and invading, destroying the lands of his followers is gonna go unpunished, you may be able to reduce these lands to rubble, but never the spirit of the ideology...

All of the wild and not so wild theories regarding Sandy are going to make it Iconic. In our recent history, The most Iconic is indeed the 9/11 and the many events that followed it, that can be related to it: The war on terror, being the most accepted and The inside Job theory being the most feared. They both brought a domino effect and a series of Wars as well as a series of alleged conspiracies brought to the forefront of human consciousness. Be prepared then now to a game change, with Sandy the cascade of events will lean towards Natural versus man-made catastrophies, human cause for climate change versus cyclical overdue cosmic changes. The fall of world religions versus the apocalypse. Interesting time indeed, what we collectively choose to believe will determine our future

Apparently god does not destroy a nation right away but warns first. Now there could be some truth in that yes GOD warned Noah to build the Arc. Course he then filled it with animals not people who had decided to give up their wicked ways.
Supposedly the world was so full of sin that it needed to be completely "clensed" if I spelt that right. So the warning he sent was to 1 man to spread the word in hopes people would change.

So If we're to believe this guy God's warning is now to Flood new york City to an extreme degree. Seem's to me like God has upped his game there. The warning seems alot more serious than the warning he told Noah to spread the first time before he flooded the earth. So what is going to be the end game here if this was just a warning. Is God going to blow up the earth?

Now I'm not trying to make fun of anyone's faith there. Just this so called American "preachers" logic. There's nothing wrong with Gay marriage and to claim it would be the reason that God would punish the Earth is moronic. He's essentially saying that Gay Marriage is the worst sin imaginable, so worse than peadophilia, mass genoside I could go on. This guy as started to believe his on retoric so much that he has lost his grip on reality. Maybe if God does flood the earth again then his pet flying pink elephant will take him to safety.

Come on, grow up, folks. How childish one must be to believe that some Great Supernatural Power would punish the USA (or any other nation) for whatever reason. Misfortunes and disasters happen and many of them are due to human negligence and shortcomings. Let us concentrate on helping the victims, repairing the damage and avoiding mistakes in future.

Reading these comments one can only think the end of America really is coming.

Not through the will of God but through the growing idiocy of the population.

Bye America.

i ll rather believe in santa klaus than in the catholic god from the holy roman empire call now the vatican..what is this god who would punish through devastation and cataclism the human kind as a professor punishing his restless pupils when he never did say hello, simply to prove he was not just a mind creation for peoples who need a second daddy...

god pissed off cos arabs havent been all slaughtered?i dont think so..

forget the aliens threat... its exatly what they want us to believe.
the technology exist and can create a hurricane, provoke earthquakes,tsunamis and play weather manipulation to staged event.since the time they works on it would be naive to think they dont use it...
they are following the book you read....and it make people even more convinced about the truth of their sacred book...if you believe in prophecies i suppose you believe that the flying saucers are from another planets..in that case you went to disney world and never came out..

If it is "God's wrath" then that would explain why he is pounding those heathens in China to death right now. Also Japan. And India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and....

Why they don’t want to think this is a trailer, film will be
soon. Let him know the idiot Satan and his followers who is having jealousy
with Prophet Peace be up on him and made film. This is
the true trailer. People don’t understand what is true and
false, following this kind of idiot will guide them to hell. The world is
waiting for, what will happen to idiot Google?

Yes the END is coming. Read your Bible.

'Liberalism' (homosexuality, neo-paganism, idolatry, moral depravity, ect..) is the reason that GOD ends the earth. It says so in the Bible.

Liberalism is basically EVIL. You can't deny that. Liberals are Pagan Idolators and they are Morally Depraved.

Also, Global Warming is a Full fledged Pagan Religion. Political Liberalism is a Pagan Religion too. They are Religions of EVIL. They promote and MARKET EVIL. Evil is the their product. Its what Obama is selling.

Obama is promising to do EVIL.
He promises more Child Sacrifices because he is EVIL. He promises to 'Hold Israel accountable' because he is EVIL. He promises to legalize Homosexual preversion of marriage because he is EVIL. He promises 'to side with Islam' because he is EVIL.

These people love Obama because Obama does what is EVIL in the sight of the Lord.

Thanks guys...but hey I am the messenger. I'm not saying its true that aliens got the forecast right. Im just...saying. ; ) I report, readers decide. (Good grief.) However, seriously, Whitley Strieber did write a book on the subject years ago, called these things "superstorms" and said he learned about them from "the visitors". I think he calls them grays now. They spook me out, whatever they are called. Ill keep my forecasts locked on The Weather Channel, mind you.

hurricane mother, father, sister, brother, galaxy,universe.sorry people with a begining there as to be an end in order for there to be a begining .dont be afraid its all in the bible ........so there is a god then bettter repent oh shit to late am burning am burning, it hurts so much i was a foul just like the devil.

what a load of bollocks !!!!!!!

The yanks have learned the hard way that it is no use going down to the totem pole to pray for good weather unless you are going to be good as well.

Wow. Some of you supposed 'Christians' are really over the top. Do you actually read the insane nonsense you post?