Overpopulation is a problem – but rising obesity is making it worse

One-Minute Read Mon 18 Jun, AT 11:05

Rising levels of fatness could have the same impact on global resources as an extra billion people

Rio+20 Conference

Rio+20 conference: what is it and what are its aims?

Summary Fri 15 Jun, AT 15:29

World leaders will assemble in Brazil next week to discuss the environment and poverty. But will they make a difference?

Michael Bywater

Would a modern Silent Spring be heard over the web twitter?

Fri 15 Jun, AT 14:40 Michael Bywater

Fifty years ago, Rachel Carson's seminal work of environmental journalism changed the world. Could it happen in a world of blog chatter?

Wales floods Aberystwyth

UK weather: flood warnings as jet stream brings misery

One-Minute Read Mon 11 Jun, AT 08:46

Downpours set to continue for rest of June thanks to unfortunate positioning of Atlantic winds

Adelie penguins

Shock at sexually ‘depraved’ penguins led to 100-year censorship

First Post Sun 10 Jun, AT 11:36

Study from 1915 of sexual habits of Adelie penguins described necrophilia and ‘paedophilia’

black handed spider monkey

Coffee-addicted UK is top-five destroyer of species biodiversity

First Post Thu 7 Jun, AT 17:22

Scientists link imports of commodities such as tea, coffee and palm oil to habitat destruction and find UK alone threatens 285 species

Paul the octopus; world cup results

Mystic animals vie for crown of Paul the Octopus at Euro 2012

First Post Thu 7 Jun, AT 14:35

Two elephants, a pig, ferret, llama and others are predicting football results this summer


Buzzards benefit from flip-flop government's latest U-turn

Wed 30 May, AT 15:44 The Mole

Plans to destroy buzzard nests to protect pheasants for shooting parties are dropped


Fukushima radiation in California tuna: does it matter?

First Post Tue 29 May, AT 09:44

Traces of nuclear radiation have been found in bluefin tuna that fed off Japan's coast after the Fukushima meltdown

Common buzzard

RSPB fury at anti-buzzard plan to save pheasant shoots

First Post Thu 24 May, AT 13:57

Charity says it is 'stunned' by government's plans to destroy buzzard nests to help shooting estates