Badger cull could be postponed as disruption tactics take effect

First Post Sun 30 Sep, AT 12:18

Consortium behind one cull says activists are making it difficult to meet government rules for an effective trial

Fury as Western Australia plans to hunt down and kill sharks

First Reaction Fri 28 Sep, AT 14:17

Fatal attacks prompt plans to kill sharks that get too close to swimmers

Chris Packham

Chris Packham: milk boycott is not the way to save badgers

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Sep, AT 13:54

'Rural communities have enough problems as it is without us boycotting their produce,' says TV naturalist

Japan ‘to suspend whaling’ but is hunt over for good?

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Sep, AT 12:23

Japanese fisheries agency says factory ship needs repairs and whaling fleet might therefore not set sail

Foam covers Footdee as storms hit Aberdeen - video

Video Wed 26 Sep, AT 11:06

Spume phenomenon makes cars and houses look like they are covered in snow in Aberdeen village

Brian May slams TV chef for 'badger casserole' comments

One-Minute Read Tue 25 Sep, AT 15:05

As petition against cull reaches 100,000, Two Fat Ladies star suggests we eat leftover badger meat


UK weather: more storms expected as three killed in high winds

One-Minute Read Mon 24 Sep, AT 15:30

Chaos across the country as wind and heavy rain lash Britain - and there's more to come

Japan whaling

Sea Shepherd leader, wanted by Interpol, prepares for 'whale wars'

One-Minute Read Fri 21 Sep, AT 14:38

Paul Watson plans to stop Japanese whaling 'completely', but arrest warrant means he might not be able to reach his own fleet

Scientist slams use of precious helium in party balloons

One-Minute Read Fri 21 Sep, AT 14:33

Diminishing helium supplies should be used for life-saving equipment not balloons, says professor