UK weather - rain

Met Office: Britain to face rainy summers until 2023

Briefing Wed 19 Jun, AT 15:51

Meteorologists say the UK's weird weather may mean we're already feeling the effects of climate change

Badger cull: Brian May says he was banned from Springwatch

Talking Point Fri 31 May, AT 14:51

Queen guitarist and badger campaigner says he wasn't allowed to mention cull on ITV or BBC

Oklahoma tornado: how did it form and why was it so deadly?

Briefing Tue 21 May, AT 16:07

Twister was a category four storm that struck the suburb of Moore with just five minutes' warning

UK weather - rain

Snow falls in May as UK faces another summer washout

Talking Point Wed 15 May, AT 16:04

Just like 2012, the jet stream is threatening to ruin the summer - is global warming to blame?

Britain gears up for first white Easter in five years

One-Minute Read Mon 25 Mar, AT 15:52

Cold weather may last until end of April, but then we could have a heatwave