New York menaced by 'ice daggers' falling from the sky

One-Minute Read Thu 20 Feb, AT 14:20

Blades of ice smash into streets around One World Trade Center at over 100mph

Infographic: how often has the Thames Barrier been used?

By the Numbers Wed 12 Feb, AT 10:40

The Thames Barrier has been raised 28 times in the last ten weeks – that's 20% of the total since it was built

Is Australia the world's worst environmental offender?

Talking Point Fri 7 Feb, AT 09:20

Its PM plans to axe green laws, but is Australia really worse than China or America?

Cage diving with a shark

First shark killed as controversial Australian cull gets underway

First Reaction Mon 27 Jan, AT 15:43

Large Tiger shark shot dead as Western Australia begins kill designed to reduce attacks

UK weather: homes flooded as storm hits Britain

One-Minute Read Fri 3 Jan, AT 15:20

Flood warnings issued across the UK as high tides combine with Atlantic storms to pose threat to life

Renewable energy: cut for solar and onshore wind subsidies

Briefing Wed 4 Dec, AT 08:15

Government plans big changes for green energy subsidies, with a boost for offshore wind power

Melissa Bachman: 'We're animal lovers' say top female hunters

One-Minute Read Tue 26 Nov, AT 13:17

Olivia Nalos Opre and Mindy Arthurs support lion-killer and argue that they're 'conservationists'

Ocean acidity Q&A: scientists warn of growing threat to life

Briefing Thu 14 Nov, AT 13:30

Acidity levels are rising at an 'unprecedented rate', eroding the shells of some sea creatures

Asteroid TV135 Q&A: will giant rock destroy Earth in 2032?

Briefing Fri 18 Oct, AT 15:31

Reports suggest planet will be devastated by strike, but experts say there are long odds on an apocalypse

Greenland ice climate change

Climate change will cool UK and play 'havoc' with weather

One-Minute Read Fri 27 Sep, AT 10:51

UN report says world getting warmer and humans to blame, but UK will cool if Gulf Stream slows