Landslide buries up to 40 people in China - video

Video Wed 10 Jul, AT 15:17

Extreme rain and flooding triggers landslide and turns city into 'a vast expanse of water'

Shale gas reserve boost for UK, but is fracking the future?

First Reaction Thu 27 Jun, AT 14:14

There is enough gas below the North West to supply Britain for more than 40 years

UK weather - rain

Met Office: Britain to face rainy summers until 2023

Briefing Wed 19 Jun, AT 15:51

Meteorologists say the UK's weird weather may mean we're already feeling the effects of climate change

Badger cull: Brian May says he was banned from Springwatch

Talking Point Fri 31 May, AT 14:51

Queen guitarist and badger campaigner says he wasn't allowed to mention cull on ITV or BBC

Oklahoma tornado: how did it form and why was it so deadly?

Briefing Tue 21 May, AT 16:07

Twister was a category four storm that struck the suburb of Moore with just five minutes' warning

UK weather - rain

Snow falls in May as UK faces another summer washout

Talking Point Wed 15 May, AT 16:04

Just like 2012, the jet stream is threatening to ruin the summer - is global warming to blame?

Britain gears up for first white Easter in five years

One-Minute Read Mon 25 Mar, AT 15:52

Cold weather may last until end of April, but then we could have a heatwave