Australia ablaze: bushfires hit Victoria and New South Wales

One-Minute Read Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:54

PM Gillard blames global warming for extreme heat which is plunging nation into danger

Close encounter with huge female polar bear - video

Video Mon 7 Jan, AT 14:58

BBC wildlife cameraman comes face-to-face with fierce 1,000kg beast for documentary


Extreme rainfall on the rise, is climate change to blame?

Talking Point Thu 3 Jan, AT 15:12

2012 was the second-wettest year in Britain since records began in 1910

Birdwatchers angry as viral video is exposed as hoax

Talking Point Thu 20 Dec, AT 10:33

Montreal film students come clean and admit making spoof video using 3D animation

Fracking for gas gets go-ahead despite environmental fears

One-Minute Read Thu 13 Dec, AT 13:00

Idea that gas fields location Blackpool will become UK’s 'Dallas' dismissed as a "dangerous fantasy"

Motion slams ‘irksome’ Tory minister over greenfield building

One-Minute Read Sun 2 Dec, AT 09:20

Andrew Motion says Nick Boles is wrong ‘on just about every level’ over developing open countryside

UK weather: ice and bitter cold forecast as floods head North

One-Minute Read Mon 26 Nov, AT 15:23

Flooding and strong winds reach the North today, making way for sub-zero temperatures later this week

West country floods

Videos: canal bank collapses and hospice is flooded as gales lash UK

Video Fri 23 Nov, AT 14:33

Videos show chaos across Britain as torrential rain causes flooding (and more is on the way)