Deer cull: why half of Britain's 1.5 million animals must die

Briefing Thu 7 Mar, AT 14:59

Forget the image of Bambi, says researchers - without natural predators, deer pose a real threat

Badger cull: public won't stand for this tragedy says Brian May

First Reaction Thu 28 Feb, AT 13:51

Queen guitarist says killing 5,000 badgers will drive a wedge between farmers and public

Great White SHark

Great white shark fisherman convicted in South Africa

First Post Thu 7 Feb, AT 15:18

'World first' as fisherman who landed an eight-foot killer is given a suspended jail sentence

Watch out: Thundersnow is here to rock you, Britain

One-Minute Read Tue 5 Feb, AT 14:39

Large parts of the UK hit by 'extremely rare' blend of blizzard and electrical storm

Dolphin slaughter threatens Solomon Islands tourism

First Post Wed 30 Jan, AT 14:39

Villagers kill 1,000 dolphins saying US charity has reneged on deal to pay them not to cull the mammals

Sweat, garlic and rotten eggs: foul smell arrives from France

One-Minute Read Tue 22 Jan, AT 15:03

Gas leak in Rouen causes a stink on both sides of the English Channel

Attenborough: famines are the fault of 'plague of humans'

First Reaction Tue 22 Jan, AT 14:10

We must limit human population growth, says David Attenborough. 'It’s not an inhuman thing to say'

Snow and ice arrive as Britain braces for big freeze

One-Minute Read Mon 14 Jan, AT 08:41

Met Office raises alert level to one below emergency as cold snap threatens road and air travel