Breezy Point inferno: photo that captures the horror of Queens

First Post Wed 31 Oct, AT 16:48

The homes were built by Irish cops and firefighters – but the flooding prevented them responding

New York stories: Sandy leaves tales of heroism and tragedy

Summary Wed 31 Oct, AT 13:43

As the great clear-up begins on America’s east coast, here’s how some will remember the great storm

God, Obama and aliens: the top Hurricane Sandy conspiracies

First Post Tue 30 Oct, AT 16:34

Christian preacher says God is punishing US for supporting gay marriage, while others blame Obama

Flooded street in New York caused by Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hits New York - four must-see videos

Video Tue 30 Oct, AT 15:38

Explosions, fires, flooding and a man in a horse mask: videos of Hurricane Sandy

Why did HMS Bounty sail into the jaws of Hurricane Sandy?

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Crew thought they could dodge 'Frankenstorm' on their voyage to winter port in Florida

New Yorkers' lives threatened as megastorm Sandy approaches

Summary Mon 29 Oct, AT 10:09

Hurricane throws presidential election into disarray as hundreds of thousands evacuate New York

ash tree

Ash dieback: government acts as disease found in 20 more sites

First Post Sun 28 Oct, AT 12:02

Cuts to Forestry Commission come back to haunt government as critics question speed of reaction to deadly tree disease

ash tree

Ash dieback: the end of British woodlands as we know them?

Briefing Thu 25 Oct, AT 16:09

Deadly fungus that killed 90 per cent of ash trees in Denmark is being dubbed the new Dutch elm disease


Badgers and ash trees: victims of Tories' bonfire of regulations

Opinion digest Tue 23 Oct, AT 13:24

Opinion digest: nihilist conservatism, force big pharma to publish, and Theresa May for leader?