Badgers and ash trees: victims of Tories' bonfire of regulations

Opinion digest Tue 23 Oct, AT 13:24

Opinion digest: nihilist conservatism, force big pharma to publish, and Theresa May for leader?


Badger cull postponed, government blames Olympics

One-Minute Read Tue 23 Oct, AT 13:00

Environment Secretary insists there has been no U-turn and says cull will go ahead next year


UK weather: 'blood rain' to fall on Britain ahead of Halloween

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Oct, AT 10:38

Weather gets even weirder as sun, snow and 'blood rain' predicted for the next few weeks


Rising cost of badger cull fuels rumours of another U-turn

First Reaction Fri 19 Oct, AT 09:40

Now it’s an 'omnivoreshambles’ as West Country farmers fight shy of higher-than-expected costs

Britain faces freezing winter as temperatures plunge to -18C

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Oct, AT 14:39

After a miserable summer, the winter’s going to be no better, with snow and ice expected


Badger cull is 'costly' and 'mindless' say top scientists

One-Minute Read Sun 14 Oct, AT 08:09

The government's proposed cull to halt the spread of bovine TB provokes letter from 30 experts


Local councils try to scupper PM's home extension plan

First Reaction Fri 12 Oct, AT 13:54

Scene now set for battle between local and central government over ‘building for growth' proposal

UK weather: is this the end for wet summers and floods?

One-Minute Read Mon 8 Oct, AT 14:02

Wet summers blamed on a warming of the North Atlantic Ocean but pattern is likely to change