Britain faces freezing winter as temperatures plunge to -18C

Oct 17, 2012

After a miserable summer, the winter’s going to be no better, with snow and ice expected

Snow falls over Big Ben in central London. Thousands of commuters faced travel chaos as services operating out of London Victoria and Charing Cross stations were cancelled or delayed due to the freezing conditions.

BRITAIN has endured a wet and miserable summer and there will be no respite from the bad weather as 2012 draws to a close, with meteorologists predicting a colder than average winter with temperatures plunging to -18C.

Mild Atlantic air will be blocked by high pressure systems over the country, according to forecasters. That means Britain will face freezing conditions even in the south, heavy snow and the prospect of serious transport disruption.

Bookies William Hill are already offering odds of 8-1 on a white Christmas in London, and say there is a 10-1 chance that the UK's coldest ever temperature of -27.2C could be broken. The snow has already arrived in the Scottish Highlands.

"We're forecasting a colder than average period from mid-November to late January, with significant snow at times, particularly in the north and east, but with London also seeing snow," Jim Dale of British Weather Services told Metro. "Minimum temperatures are expected to fall to about -10C in southern England and -18C in parts of Scotland." also predicted a cold winter in store and predicted that the country would be hit by three of four "very cold snaps" lasting as long as a week.

The gloomy predictions came as the West Country and Wales braced themselves for gale force winds and possible flooding today. Ferry services to the Scilly Isles and the Isle of Man have been affected and coastal roads and rail services affected. More rain is expected to head in from the west later in the week.

"Strong westerly winds will cause stormy sea conditions which, combined with some of the highest tides of the year, will result in high sea levels and spray overtopping," warned the Environment Agency.

But there could be one final warm spell before the cold sets in for good. Hurricane Rafael in the Atlantic is expected to push a band of warm air across the country next week. Temperatures could reach 20C.

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Ha ha. Get ready for a balmy winter!

Sounds good to me. I hate the roasting hot weather of summer. Bring on the snow !

That's great news for skiing and climbing! Pull yourself together you useless country. It's just a bit of snow and ice. Best time of the year!

Surely that's the kind of weather you'd expect in winter? Sounds great to me!

why do people keep referring to great winter weather as bad? what's new? This is Britain, after all - get real!

and what USELESS country do you come from !!!!!

shit no time to turn back now, cold weather hurricanes storms eath quakes,would only get bigger and bigger and biggger breaking records each time. technology could be the course of all of this,what do you thing ,the gods or god is not down with it.