UK weather: 'blood rain' to fall on Britain ahead of Halloween

Oct 22, 2012

Weather gets even weirder as sun, snow and 'blood rain' predicted for the next few weeks

AFTER experiencing the 'weirdest' weather on record in the past few months, the UK now faces 'blood rain' in the lead-up to Halloween.
A wave of hot air from North Africa will sweep through Britain today and tomorrow, bringing an Indian summer with temperatures soaring to 20C in London and the southeast, say forecasters.
But this air could also bring with it rain carrying red dust kicked up by storms in the Sahara desert.
The African sand is apparently sitting in the skies above the UK and is predicted to leave a dramatic trail of red when the downpours start. The 'blood rain' is set to stain garden furniture, cars and homes. Holland experienced the phenomenon over the weekend.
"Where there has been rain in the southeast, there has been red dust brought down with it. When the rain dries off it leaves a red residue," explained a Met Office spokeswoman in The Daily Telegraph. "This could last until the early part of the week."
The weather looks set to go from one extreme to another, as the Indian summer is due to be replaced by snow by the end of the week. Arctic winds are expected to bring the temperatures plummeting down to almost freezing by Thursday. Scotland and the north of England look likely to see sleet and snow.
"People should enjoy the warm weather while it lasts – because it won't last much longer," said Emma Sharples, a forecaster from the Met Office.
This year has already seen some of the country's most bizarre weather ever. The country's worst drought since 1976 was followed by the wettest summer for a century. A cold winter, with temperatures of minus 18C, was forecast by British Weather Services last week.
If the red rain doesn't fall, there will still be an unusual sight in the sky. Every year around this time the night sky is lit up by the Orionid Meteor Shower, debris from Halley's Comet, which was last visible from earth in February 1986.
The peak of the shower was this weekend but, if skies are clear, it will be visible for the next two weeks.

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Tey will be blaming the so called climate change even although the Met office have just published a report that show's the earth has in fact been cooling for the last 16 year's .Oh and it's the second report from them in this year.Climate change is a massive con to get people to pay giant carbon tax's.

Two days of warm weather is an 'Indian Summer'?

facepalm, head desk, etc.

sounds almost ritualistic.