European flags fly in front of the European Parliament

EU referendum: some voters 'don't know UK is in EU'

One-Minute Read
Wed 27 May, AT 09:54

The wording of the EU referendum question will remind the electorate that Britain is already a member


UK election 2015: what the rest of the world is saying

Talking Point
Thu 7 May, AT 15:22

A 'weird' electoral system, a 'barmy' prime minister and a party that sounds like an 'awful pudding'

Migrant crisis: UK to play key role in plan to destroy boats

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Mon 18 May, AT 13:13

Britain leading efforts to obtain UN approval to send warships into Libya's waters to stop traffickers

Hundreds feared dead after migrant boat capsizes near Libya

One-Minute Read
Wed 15 Apr, AT 10:33

The Italian coastguard has rescued at least 144 people from the Mediterranean, including babies

Why the clocks go forward: a history of British Summer Time

Thu 26 Mar, AT 12:07

The simple matter of putting the clocks forward by an hour in spring has always sparked discord

Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe: why the EU is easing sanctions

Thu 19 Feb, AT 14:31

Robert Mugabe is offered an economic 'olive branch' – but what exactly is going on in Zimbabwe?

Leader of Syriza Alexis Tsipras

Greek elections: will Syriza victory trigger a 'Grexit'?

Mon 26 Jan, AT 09:26

Alexis Tsipras's Syriza party wins over voters with plans to reject austerity and cancel Greece's debt

David Cameron meets Angela Merkel: what's on the agenda?

Wed 7 Jan, AT 10:21

A single unguarded comment by Merkel 'could torpedo Cameron's promised EU renegotiation'

A woman walks past a board listing foreign currency rates outside an exchange office in central Moscow

Russia crisis: how much have sanctions hurt Moscow?

Wed 17 Dec, AT 11:43

Analysts estimate sanctions have cost Russia $140bn this year and Moscow's ultra-rich $51.4bn

Jennifer Lawrence

Nude selfie celebs 'dumb', says new EU digital chief

One-Minute Read
Thu 2 Oct, AT 09:04

Günther Oettinger refuses to apologise for saying people can't always be protected from their own stupidity