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EU budget

Can Cameron turn EU budget victory into by-election win?

Fri 8 Feb, AT 10:30
The Mole

Lib Dems thought they were smart going for Chris Huhne by-election on 28 Feb... they could be regretting it now

'Major victory' for Cameron as EU leaders discuss budget cut

First Reaction
Fri 8 Feb, AT 08:55

Europe close to agreeing first budget cut in its history. But the EU is still spending more on cows than people

How the EU could save €1.2bn: shut down Strasbourg circus

First Post
Wed 28 Nov, AT 08:20

A new campaign aims to stop costly monthly ritual whereby 754 MEPs and staff decamp from Brussels

Nadine Dorries

Dorries could face discipline for I'm a Celebrity disappearance

First Reaction
Tue 6 Nov, AT 13:36

Tory Nadine Dorries may be breaking MPs' code of conduct by agreeing to take part in reality show

British ash trees 'virtually finished' as killer fungus spreads

Sunday Papers
Sun 4 Nov, AT 10:54

From the Sunday papers: ban imports to save woods, David Miliband back on political frontline