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EU debt crisis

Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel

What are eurobonds? Can they end the euro crisis?

Wed 17 Aug, AT 13:36

Briefing: Merkel ruled them out yesterday, but many believe eurobonds are the only tool that can save the euro

European Central Bank ECB

Merkel and Sarkozy refuse to issue eurobonds

Wed 17 Aug, AT 10:44

Business digest: French and German leaders hold crisis talks over EU debt crisis

European Central Bank ECB

European Central Bank to buy more eurozone bonds

Mon 8 Aug, AT 10:22

Business digest: Analysts expect ECB to buy the bonds of struggling Italy and Spain

Debt crisis stock market fear

Are we heading for a second global recession?

Fri 5 Aug, AT 12:22
Venetia Rainey

First reaction: Bad news from the US and eurozone have led to a global sell-off of shares. Here we go again...

European Central Bank ECB

Credit rating agencies ‘not to blame’ for Euro crisis

Thu 21 Jul, AT 17:29

Business digest: Lords defends role of Moody’s and its rivals in sovereign debt crisis

Gold soars to new high as investors run to the hills

Tue 19 Jul, AT 13:55

Business digest: Gold price reflects concerns over debt crises in Europe and the US