EU referendum

18 Jun, 2013

Senior Tory says that if Britain left the EU, it would not benefit from US deal unveiled at Lough Erne

David Cameron outside Leveson inquiry
21 May, 2013

The email David Cameron sent to Conservative Party activists on Monday in the wake of 'Swivelgate'

16 May, 2013

Bill to guarantee referendum gets three-line whip: how will the Cabinet's last europhile deal with it?

14 May, 2013

Tory MPs now dancing to UKIP leader's tune as David Cameron performs another referendum about-turn

David Cameron
14 May, 2013

Why has David Cameron decided to publish the bill today and does it have a hope of becoming law?

13 May, 2013

It's low skills and bad management that are holding Britain back, not 'Bwussels', says Boris

13 May, 2013

Gove's PPS says he'll vote for rebel amendment while David Davis throws champagne party for Mad Nad

12 Apr, 2013

It's significant that the PM and his family are spending the weekend 'chez Merkel', say analysts

07 Mar, 2013

Times claims senior right-wingers attended dinner as Tories 'jostle for position' in case PM is challenged

28 Jan, 2013

As four polls cut Labour's lead over Tories to under ten points, the last thing Tories need is a new leader