07 Jan, 2015

A single unguarded comment by Merkel 'could torpedo Cameron's promised EU renegotiation'

A woman walks past a board listing foreign currency rates outside an exchange office in central Moscow
17 Dec, 2014

Analysts estimate sanctions have cost Russia $140bn this year and Moscow's ultra-rich $51.4bn

Jennifer Lawrence
02 Oct, 2014

Günther Oettinger refuses to apologise for saying people can't always be protected from their own stupidity

29 Sep, 2014

Regulators say Google's privacy policy is too vague and raises 'deep concerns about data protection'

12 Sep, 2014

US and EU sanctions increase pressure on Moscow to withdraw support from east Ukrainian rebels

Catalans queuing outside a polling station in the Delegation of the Catalan Government in Paris
10 Nov, 2014

The north-eastern region votes by 80% to leave Spain, in a ballot that Madrid has refused to recognise

Jose Manuel Barroso
09 Sep, 2014

Leaders waiting to see if 'shaky' ceasefire holds, as Moscow threatens retaliatory measures

The First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond
08 Sep, 2014

In ten days' time, Scotland could vote for independence. Here's what would happen after that momentous decision

Jordan's King Abdullah II and former Israeli president Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum 2009
05 Sep, 2014

Jordan will get $15bn of gas from Israel, dashing European hopes of cutting energy dependence on Russia

An amored personnel carrier in eastern Ukraine
13 Nov, 2014

Incursion could violate the peace treaty as Ukrainian troops prepare for combat operations in the east