Michel Barnier and Nicolas Sarkozy

Snarky Sarko taunts City over new EU ‘supervisor’

News Tue 1 Dec, AT 08:30

But Michel Barnier tries to be diplomatic and calm City nerves over his appointment

Lord Mandelson; Business Secretary; Labour

Lord Mandelson ‘wants David Miliband’s job’

News Mon 23 Nov, AT 07:31

So that’s why Mandy was so keen for Miliband to become the EU high representative

Europe elects Herman Van What? and Baroness Who?

Fri 20 Nov, AT 07:05 The Mole

The Mole: Why there’ll be no YouGov poll asking awkward questions about the high rep

Berlin Wall celebrations

Miliband joins Berlin bash and sets tongues wagging

News Tue 10 Nov, AT 11:29

Foreign Secretary’s surprise trip increases speculation about top EU job