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500 euro note

Estonia to join embattled euro from 2011

Tue 13 Jul, AT 16:41

Business Digest: Baltic state will be one of only two countries to stick to the single currency’s rulebook

George Osborne

Osborne takes a stand on hedge funds, but can’t win

Tue 18 May, AT 11:31

The Chancellor can only hope to sweeten the pill of strict EU rules on hedge funds

Pound and Euro

Markets surge as EU and IMF agree €750bn loan

Mon 10 May, AT 08:16

Eurozone’s political and economic interests allied in effort to save the euro

Baroness Ashton, EU Representative for Foreign Affairs

Baroness Ashton flies in to Gaza as EU sneers

Thu 18 Mar, AT 15:29

The EU 'foreign minister' is facing her biggest test yet – and many hope she will fail

Hypocrite Nigel Farage rudest man in Europe

Thu 25 Feb, AT 10:13

Neil Clark: Brussels will be glad to see the back of Nigel Farage if he can beat Bercow in the general election