Jose Manuel Barroso
09 Sep, 2014

Leaders waiting to see if 'shaky' ceasefire holds, as Moscow threatens retaliatory measures

The First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond
08 Sep, 2014

In ten days' time, Scotland could vote for independence. Here's what would happen after that momentous decision

Jordan's King Abdullah II and former Israeli president Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum 2009
05 Sep, 2014

Jordan will get $15bn of gas from Israel, dashing European hopes of cutting energy dependence on Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin
03 Sep, 2014

Presidents Putin and Poroshenko agree to steps towards a truce as US and EU sanctions bite in Russia

Barack Obama at the White House
29 Aug, 2014

The Ukrainian government says its forces are now fighting Russian troops, not Russian-backed separatists

A pro-Russian separatist at the MH17 crash-site in Ukraine
29 Jul, 2014

European Union due to agree new sanctions after downing of flight MH17 and fighting in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev
23 Jul, 2014

Russia says US and EU sanctions are 'absolutely unacceptable' and warns of reprisals

Vladimir Putin
22 Jul, 2014

Cameron urges EU to punish Russia for links to separatists – but sanctions will hurt Europe too

Jean-Claude Juncker
09 Jul, 2014

Leaked recording suggests thaw in relations between UK and EU president

30 Jun, 2014

One reason for that embarrassing phone call becomes clear as Baroness Ashton prepares to step down