European flags fly in front of the European Parliament
27 May, 2014

National leaders struggle to square anti-EU sentiment with the need for a concerted response

Flags outside European Parliament
21 May, 2014

On the eve of the EU elections, economist Guido Cozzi lays out the rules for saving the eurozone

The Mole
12 May, 2014

Cameron goes banging on about Europe while Labour regain their seven-point lead in the polls

27 Apr, 2014

BBC wildlife presenter questioned by police in Malta over his documentary on 'senseless slaughter' of birds

17 Apr, 2014

Or go down in history as the man who lost Scotland and left England’s backdoor open to danger

Nigel Farage
03 Apr, 2014

Anti-EU leader triumphed by channelling popular outrage at political elite, experts say

27 Mar, 2014

Brutal recession and banks' reluctance to lend leaves more businesses turning to mob for help

Farage Clegg debate
27 Mar, 2014

He may have been sweating - but he didn't 'look nuts' and he's staked his claim as UK's leading Eurosceptic

04 Mar, 2014

And how do we know? Because, once again, an official visiting the PM has failed to keep his papers to himself

28 Feb, 2014

Merkel offers little hope of EU reform while figures show immigration up: not Cameron's finest hour