Angela Merkel
28 Feb, 2014

The CDU is a collectivist party, deeply suspicious of the Tory individualist ethos, says Daniel Hough

Pussy Riot
21 Feb, 2014

Pussy Riot shows the way: social media coverage is the best answer to Kiev's 'wicked problem'

21 Feb, 2014

Ukip leader hopes it will lead to him being included in televised leaders' debates at 2015 general election

Victoria Nuland
07 Feb, 2014

Assistant secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, apologises to EU counterparts for 'undiplomatic language'

Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov offers resignation
28 Jan, 2014

Parliament repeals anti-protest laws that sparked violent clashes between protesters and police

13 Jan, 2014

As 95 Tories demand the right to veto EU rules, Clarke says immigrants make Britain 'healthier'

18 Dec, 2013

Romanian 'surge' may be a phantom problem but electorate and MPs demanded a solution

13 Dec, 2013

Amnesty urges EU leaders to open their borders as refugees face dangerous crossings and abuse

27 Nov, 2013

Plans to stop Romanians and Bulgarians getting instant benefits are an 'over-reaction' says Laszlo

David Cameron
27 Nov, 2013

Do Cameron's measures to curb immigration from Romania and Bulgaria comply with EU law?