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16 Jul, 2013

UK will be hit hardest by bonus cap plans as data shows it had most millionaire bankers in EU

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08 Jul, 2013

Talks between two superpowers go ahead despite European worries about US secret surveillance

03 Jul, 2013

Report claims that corporation was 'slow' to react to public concern on key issues

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04 Mar, 2015

The fugitive whistleblower is ready to go home if he is guaranteed a free and impartial trial, says his lawyer

25 Jun, 2013

Europol claims 3,600 criminal syndicates operating across Europe dealing in £2bn black market

31 May, 2013

Fears that delivery of new weapons to Syria could spark new war and shift the balance of power

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29 May, 2013

France, Spain and the Netherlands to be given a waiver on the annual 3% deficit limit

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28 May, 2013

Britain succeeds in lifting EU's ban on sending arms to rebels, but opinion is split on possible outcomes

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21 May, 2013

'It is likely that the loss would be greater for the UK than for the EU'

Richard Branson
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20 May, 2013

Branson, Sorrell and others claim Eurosceptics are putting 'politics before economics'