21 May, 2013

'It is likely that the loss would be greater for the UK than for the EU'

Richard Branson
20 May, 2013

Branson, Sorrell and others claim Eurosceptics are putting 'politics before economics'

13 May, 2013

It's low skills and bad management that are holding Britain back, not 'Bwussels', says Boris

02 May, 2013

UKIP's surge prompts embattled PM to harden EU referendum promise by 'enshrining it in law'

01 May, 2013

PM hopes silence is golden as he tries to shut down Tory disarray over party set to steal its votes

01 May, 2013

Thousands of textile workers chant 'hang the killers' in May Day demonstration as EU warns on trade perks

25 Apr, 2013

It used to be the British disease but more Europeans are questioning the EU

15 Apr, 2013

With its treatment of Cyprus, the EU has unwittingly made the cost of leaving the euro much less daunting

Margaret Thatcher funeral cost
10 Apr, 2013

Foreign Secretary intervenes as preparations for £10m 'Operation True Blue' intensify

03 Apr, 2013

Euro falls as predictions of recovery confounded by record joblessness in first two months of year