20 Mar, 2013

Cypriot finance minister flies to Moscow to seek backing, despite Merkel's warning not to

19 Mar, 2013

Ordinary Cypriots are sympathetic to the Russians, who have boosted economy during the recession

Cyprus bank levy ATM 180313
18 Mar, 2013

A journalist with a holiday home in Cyprus explains why so many ex-pats are affected by the bank levy

London city Gherkin
28 Feb, 2013

Britain fears that the new rules will hurt London and restrict growth in financial sector

13 Feb, 2013

The US President's 'wide-ranging' State of the Union address sets out a bold vision for his second term

08 Feb, 2013

Lib Dems thought they were smart going for Chris Huhne by-election on 28 Feb... they could be regretting it now

08 Feb, 2013

Europe close to agreeing first budget cut in its history. But the EU is still spending more on cows than people

25 Jan, 2013

Populus poll finds majority of Britons would vote to leave EU in wake of Cameron's big speech

24 Jan, 2013

While David Cameron will be framing today's Mail front page, for Ed Miliband it was a day to forget

24 Jan, 2013

Merkel appears to offer an olive branch – but EU diplomats say she'll 'drive the hardest of bargains'