Ryanair 'courts disaster' with fuel cost-cutting, unions warn

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Wed 19 Sep, AT 12:00

Budget airline to be investigated after series of emergency landings in Spain


Boris Johnson: Olympo-sceptics were wrong about the Games

Opinion digest
Mon 10 Sep, AT 12:01

Opinion digest: An Olympics that transformed the nation, and the real US election battleground

Eurozone wants Greeks to work six days a week to pay debts

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Wed 5 Sep, AT 12:05

Leaked email from EU and IMF outlines demands for Greek labour flexibility

EU calls crisis meeting over Belarus teddy bear protest

One-Minute Read
Thu 9 Aug, AT 15:42

No picnic: mass air-drop of soft toys by Swedes takes EU relations with Belarus to new low


Fifty Shades risks demonising healthy bondage enthusiasts

Opinion digest
Mon 9 Jul, AT 10:34

Opinion Digest: That book... and why Andy Murray's detractors should be ashamed of themselves

David Cameron outside Leveson inquiry

PM opens door to EU referendum – but does he mean business?

Sun 1 Jul, AT 10:17

David Cameron makes landmark move towards a referendum – but only when ‘the time is right’

Demitris Christofias

Cyprus: Communist leader has leverage with Brussels

First Post
Tue 26 Jun, AT 11:19

If President Christofias doesn't like the EU's bailout conditions he could go to Moscow instead

Ed Miliband Labour leader

Ed Miliband on immigration: brave, mature or opportunist?

First Reaction
Fri 22 Jun, AT 16:10

The Labour leader admits his party 'got it wrong' and pledges to take action

Angela Merkel

Italy and Spain to be given £600 billion bailout

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Wed 20 Jun, AT 11:16

Germans back plan to allow EU bailout money to be used to purchase the debts of struggling governments


It wasn't us! EU chief Barroso blames US for financial crisis

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Tue 19 Jun, AT 12:27

EU commission president gets irritable at G20 summit after Canadian hack suggests North Americans shouldn't help solve euro debt crisis