23 Jan, 2013

The PM scores political points at home, but European media say his EU speech is a 'threat'

23 Jan, 2013

'A British Prime Minister is at least discussing leaving Europe – it means the genie is out of the bottle'

22 Jan, 2013

Cameron's basic argument – that we need looser ties with Brussels and a referendum – is surely right

15 Jan, 2013

Double whammy: Clegg hits Cameron day after Lib Dem peers vote against boundary changes

14 Jan, 2013

Cameron wriggles on Today as poll shows Tory members know he's playing politics over Europe

11 Jan, 2013

Search giant accused of abusing its position by EU competition chief Joaquin Almunia

10 Jan, 2013


Eurosceptics furious at senior US official's call for Britain to stay a 'strong' member of Europe

13 Dec, 2012

Finance ministers have reached a deal on rules for supervising eurozone banks