Vienna's ice cold killer buried her husband and lover in cement

Nov 19, 2012

Court is told how a cold-blooded ice cream seller shot two men, cut them up and buried them in her cellar


A WOMAN described as "singularly cold-blooded" murdered her husband and boyfriend with a pistol, cut up their bodies with a chainsaw and buried them in concrete in the cellar of her Viennese ice cream parlour.

Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala – dubbed the Ice Lady – went on trial in Vienna today accused of shooting her former husband Holger Holz in 2008 as he worked at his computer. Two years later she used the same Beretta pistol to kill her lover, Manfred Hinterberger.

The 34-year-old chopped the bodies of both men into small pieces using a chain saw then concealed them in cement in the cellar of her Vienna ice cream parlour, the court says.

A 140-page report into Carranza's mental state, compiled by the same psychiatrist who judged the notorious Josef Fritzl sane enough to stand trial, ruled that she, too, was fit to face trial.

In his report to the court Adelheid Kastner wrote: "She suffers from a personality disorder, she has serious mental and psychological abnormalities. It has to be feared that the woman could commit further acts with serious consequences."

The remains of Holz and Hinterberger were discovered last year when workers installing new pipes found a leg and other body parts. Carranza, who is two-months pregnant to another lover and has both Spanish and Mexican citizenship, was arrested after she fled to Italy in a taxi and was extradited back to Austria, The Daily Telegraph says.

The court alleges she killed Holz when he refused to leave their home after she told him she had a new lover. It is alleged she took shooting lessons and courses in mixing concrete before killing the two men.

Prosecutor Petra Freh described Carranza as a "singularly cold-blooded and extremely dangerous woman" who had a "unique" personality.

"Let us make no mistake," she said. "During the course of this trial we have to remember that this woman killed twice. She is a ticking time bomb." The case continues.

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