Bulgarian politician has gun pointed at his head - video

Jan 20, 2013

Ahmet Dogan escaped unharmed when the would-be assassin's pistol did not go off

THIS is the terrifying moment a politician came face-to-face with a would-be assassin as he gave a televised speech to his party conference in Bulgaria.

Ahmet Dogan, the leader of the country's ethnic Turkish party, escaped unharmed when the attacker's pistol failed to fire and he was wrestled to the ground by other delegates.

The unnamed man, armed with a gas pistol and two knives, burst onto the stage during Dogan's address to the party conference and aimed the gun at his head. But when it did not go off the shocked 58-year-old politican pushed the man's hand away before he could try again, and security staff rushed the stage.

After a moment of stunned silence, pandemonium broke out in the conference chamber and delegates swarmed onto the stage to attack the assailant as he lay pinned to the floor. The 25-year-old was repeatedly punched and kicked, and even attacked with a briefcase and an umbrella.

The liberal Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) party is supported by many of Bulgaria's ethnic Turks, who make up ten per cent of the population. It has featured in two coalition governments in the last ten years. Dogun has been leader since the party was founded, 23 years ago.

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That disgusting the way of the security are hitting and kicking him. I understand no one should try and shoot someone but that's ridiculous.

^ idiot

I'm in complete agreement with you, Gemma. As a Bulgarian, I feel as though the rash decision of the security to maul him was rather bad on our image. Not only that, but the fact politicians joined in with cries of "kill him" was rather discouraging.
Our future's anything but bright as long as people like that try and set examples for us.

I don't mean to defend him in any way he should be in prison and everything, all I mean is that why are members of the audience attacking him. Shouldn't security of noticed someone with a gun? I didn't mean to come across the way the comment sounds.

Fact is there is no room for violence in any democracy and this young man who held a pistol to the head of Mr Ahmet Dogan deserved what treatment he got and whatever is coming to him. Incase the readers dont realise it, this is attempted murder which only failed because the gun wouldn't fire.

In that pandemonium, and not knowing whether or not the gun was his only weapon, I probably would have been up there punching and kicking him....UNTIL he was in handcuffs or contained. It seems through a security aspect, he was fighting back. Now, if he was defenseless and contained, if the punching and kicking still ensued, that is where I would have had an issue.

I agree, as a Serb I fully support Bulgaria's territorial integrity. Turkish people are a poison that needs to be wiped out from the Balkans completely. Everything in recorded history that has to do with the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans is synonymous with chaos. Therefore, why should the decedents of the ottomans (the Turks) be allowed to live on the land they oppressed for centuries. Push them over the Bosphorus into Asia where they belong!