Naples U-turn calls for divine intervention - video

Feb 8, 2013

It seems like the whole of Naples has some advice for the driver of a small car wedged in a backstreet

TRAFFIC congestion is a common sight in cities, but when a three-point turn becomes a 30-point turn in a Naples backstreet, the results are truly chaotic.

As this video filmed from a balcony shows, the small car manages to get wedged between parked vehicles on either side of the street. It's easy to imagine the motorist's growing sense of panic as the traffic begins to build up and horns are honked. More cars join the road block, followed by a group of Harley Davidson motorcycles and a religious procession bearing a large cross.

A melee forms as drivers get out of their cars, bystanders yell advice and the priest at the head of the procession tries to make a divine intervention. 

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Thank God the priest came along. Poor driver must have been very grateful. Good result.

Things like that are absolutely normal in Naples, they would never make the news on a local newspaper.