Video: runaway elephant charges through Irish town

Baby the elephant in Blackpool, Cork

After Fenton comes 'Ele-fenton', who ran away from the circus in sleepy Irish town of Blackpool

LAST UPDATED AT 15:27 ON Thu 29 Mar 2012

A CIRCUS elephant called Baby went on the run in an Irish town centre this week, and had shoppers and coffee lovers running for cover.

The 2.5-tonne beast, already dubbed Ele-Fenton, after the runaway dog that proved a huge hit on YouTube last year, somehow managed to wander off after a parade of circus animals through the town of Blackpool in Cork on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old pachyderm appeared outside a branch of Costa Coffee and then shrugged off her handlers as she ran through a car park, across a road and into the town centre.

The episode was captured on film by a nearby office worker and the footage has since been posted on YouTube.

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