Valerie Trierweiler took a 'pill too many' amid claims of affair

Jan 17, 2014

Francois Hollande and Julie Gayet in 'turbulent romance' since 2012, claims French media

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THE French First Lady was admitted to hospital after taking "one pill too many" on learning of the president's affair, it has been claimed.

Valerie Trierweiler has been in hospital for the last six days since details of Francois Hollande's relationship with French actress Julie Gayet emerged.

Several French magazines published fresh accounts today of what they call a "blazing row" between Hollande and Trierweiler at the Elysée Palace last Thursday, the day before the claims of an affair were published in France's Closer magazine.

Trierweiler reportedly took sleeping pills or another form of medicine to which she reacted badly. She is said to have woken up on Friday feeling sick and "terribly alone", and asked to be taken to hospital. Friends categorically deny that she took an overdose or attempted suicide. "She simply took one pill too many," a source told the French tabloid magazine Le Point.

The report alleges that Hollande was "cold and ruthless" when he confessed to the affair and that he wanted Trierweiler to sign an agreement announcing their separation.

Today, Hollande made his first visit to see Trierweiler at La Pitié-Salpatriêre hospital – the same hospital where Princess Diana died after her car accident in 1997. Doctors had previously recommended he stay away, claim sources. The president had sent her chocolates and flowers.

His visit comes as Closer magazine published new allegations saying that Hollande and Gayet have been in a "turbulent romance" since the 2012 presidential race, spending nights in a Paris flat and weekends together in the south of France.

Some reports claim that it was the president's eldest son Thomas Hollande who introduced his father to Gayet.

Despite earlier threats, Hollande has decided not to take legal action against Closer magazine, but Gayet is seeking €50,000 in damages and €4,000 in legal costs.

Hollande has said he will make a statement about his relationship with Trierweiler - and whether she would remain the French First Lady - by the start of next month.

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President Francois Hollande only kissed her, the poor guy.