Pegida: thousands attend anti-Islam rally in Germany

One-Minute Read Tue 13 Jan, AT 10:42

Rally against 'Islamisation of the West' attracts record crowds in Dresden, but other German cities protest against Pegida

French police storm a kosher grocery in which a gunman had taken hostages

Charlie Hebdo suspects dead as police free hostages

One-Minute Read Fri 9 Jan, AT 17:30

Gunmen killed after double hostage crisis left two people dead at kosher supermarket in Paris

German nurse 'admitted killing 30 people to show off CPR skills'

One-Minute Read Fri 9 Jan, AT 12:32

One doctor claims nurse 'Niels H' might have killed more than 100 patients at Delmenhorst clinic

Charlie Hebdo attack: how should the world respond?

First Reaction Thu 8 Jan, AT 13:38

President Hollande may come under pressure to fight fire with fire, but the best reaction will be unity

Women holding je suis Charlie sign

Charlie Hebdo: why was the satirical magazine attacked?

Briefing Wed 7 Jan, AT 15:55

The 'barbaric attack' on Charlie Hebdo that left 12 dead is not the first time the magazine has been targeted

Dmitri Medvedev

Ukraine rekindles Nato aspirations, angering Russia

One-Minute Read Wed 24 Dec, AT 10:31

Dmitry Medvedev warns of 'extremely negative consequences' after Kiev drops non-aligned status

Nantes van attack

French president urges calm after third attack in three days

Briefing Tue 23 Dec, AT 10:52

11 people were injured last night when a driver rammed his van into a Christmas market in Nantes

Illegal migrants near the coast of Tripoli, Libya

Migration: why Libya is the critical link in a deadly chain

Briefing Fri 19 Dec, AT 14:54

Most people trying to cross the Mediterranean without papers come through the lawless north African state of Libya


'Neo-Nazi' mauled by lions after jumping into cage

One-Minute Read Mon 8 Dec, AT 15:14

Spanish man dressed in military uniform was rescued by firefighters after climbing into the lion enclosure