Sarkozy under investigation for 'exploiting frail L'Oreal heiress'

First Post Fri 22 Mar, AT 10:05

Ex-President 'in state of incomprehension' at court's decision – but he faces up to three years' jail if guilty

Christine LaGarde

Cops raid Lagarde's Paris home: not the headline the IMF needed

First Post Thu 21 Mar, AT 11:56

Christine Lagarde's appointment was meant to bring a fragrant new era post-DSK. What went wrong?

Europe's 'demons are sleeping' warns Juncker: is he right?

First Reaction Tue 12 Mar, AT 15:02

Prime Minister of Luxembourg is accused of scaremongering for political purposes

Princess Lilian Sweden

Swansea to Stockholm: Princess Lilian's extraordinary love story

Briefing Mon 11 Mar, AT 11:37

The Welsh-born Princess, who has died at the age of 97, lived a life centred on her beloved Prince Bertil

Microsoft fined half-a-billion euros over browser choice

One-Minute Read Wed 6 Mar, AT 16:11

Computer giant punished for omitting a single line of code from Windows 7 update

Three dead in Switzerland's second gun rampage of 2013

One-Minute Read Wed 27 Feb, AT 15:57

Swiss have the third highest gun ownership rate in the world after Yemen and US

Robert Fox

Beppe Grillo is not a clown - and he's turned politics upside down

Wed 27 Feb, AT 08:55 Robert Fox

Grillo takes his place in the piazza with the Italian people - and there's no going back to the old ways

Gridlock in Italy after huge protest vote for comedian Beppe Grillo

Tue 26 Feb, AT 10:05 Andrea Vogt

Fresh elections could be necessary as uncertain outcome spooks markets and fellow Europeans