More than 80 dead as boat of migrants sinks off Italian coast

One-Minute Read Thu 3 Oct, AT 11:44

Deaths come months after Pope criticised 'global indifference' to refugee crisis on Sicilian island

Golden Dawn: the rise and fall of Greece's neo-Nazi party

Briefing Wed 2 Oct, AT 15:57

Does arrest of 22 members spell the end for far right party accused of assault, murder and blackmail?

Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi u-turn: Italy avoids backlash as ex-PM humiliated

One-Minute Read Wed 2 Oct, AT 14:37

Silvio Berlusconi's power to sway Italian politics is 'diminished' as he is forced to support Letta

Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi faces revolt over plan to topple government

Briefing Wed 2 Oct, AT 10:15

Silvio Berlusconi's own MPs look set to defy him by offering support to Prime Minister Enrico Letta

Angela Merkel election win

Merkel's emphatic win confirms her as EU's 'pre-eminent' leader

First Reaction Mon 23 Sep, AT 09:48

Handed an historic third term, German Chancellor's first challenge is to find junior coalition partner

Peer Steinbruck, Merkel's rival, gives Germany the finger

Talking Point Fri 13 Sep, AT 16:11

Has Social Democrat killed or enhanced his chances of becoming Chancellor by 'flipping the bird'?

Turkish villa shooting: British woman killed after row

One-Minute Read Tue 10 Sep, AT 14:55

Catherine Bury shot dead and her mother and son badly injured after argument with gardener

Rochus Misch, last witness to Hitler's death, dies aged 96

First Post Fri 6 Sep, AT 15:35

Bodyguard who called Hitler 'the Boss' was with Nazi leader during his final hours in Berlin bunker

Was withdrawal of Hollande's 'gurning' photo censorship?

First Reaction Thu 5 Sep, AT 12:23

News agency accused of self-censorship after picture of grinning French president deemed too embarrassing

How Kaiser gave WWI prisoner permission to pop home to UK

One-Minute Read Wed 4 Sep, AT 14:57

Capt Robert Campbell was allowed to visit dying mother as long as he returned to PoW camp. He did