King Juan Carlos of Spain

King Juan Carlos of Spain to abdicate

One-Minute Read Mon 2 Jun, AT 10:41

King Juan Carlos, who guided country from dictatorship to democracy, will be replaced by Prince Filipe

Copenhagen’s Marriott Hotel, where the Bilderberg conference began yesterday

Secretive Bilderberg Group of world leaders meets in Denmark

Briefing Fri 30 May, AT 11:48

Who is attending the mysterious annual conclave of the Bilderberg Group? And what are they up to?

French police evict migrants from Calais camps

Riot police evict hundreds of migrants from Calais camps

One-Minute Read Wed 28 May, AT 10:19

Migrants, who have been trying to get into Britain, hit by outbreak of scabies and forced to move on

Would Britain be better off outside the EU?

Briefing Wed 28 May, AT 09:01

In the recent European elections many voters seemed ready to reject the EU. Here’s what that might entail


Marine Le Pen victorious: but is she as popular as she thinks?

Mon 26 May, AT 08:32 Nigel Horne

Some crumbs of comfort for those who can't believe the French really admire the National Front


Le Pen does it again: 'Ebola virus to wipe out immigrants'

Thu 22 May, AT 10:52 Nigel Horne

Has France's Front National really changed? Or does Jean-Marie Le Pen speak for its members?

Flags outside European Parliament

European Elections: what the parties have to say for themselves

Summary Thu 22 May, AT 07:59

Upcoming vote will give people a chance to make their feelings clear about the EU and immigration

Flags outside European Parliament

Tackle the eurozone's original sin or watch the EU stagnate

Wed 21 May, AT 14:37 The Conversation

On the eve of the EU elections, economist Guido Cozzi lays out the rules for saving the eurozone

Silvio Berlusconi Angela Merkel

Berlusconi 'called Merkel an unfuckable lard-arse'

One-Minute Read Wed 21 May, AT 08:40

Italian PM allegedly insulted German chancellor in recorded conversation with newspaper editor

A man kisses his rescued son

Turkish coal mine explosion leaves 200 dead and 80 injured

One-Minute Read Wed 14 May, AT 08:59

Hundreds of families were desperately waiting for news but rescuers pulled out ‘body after body'