Francois Hollande

Frisky Francois Hollande faces grilling from British press

Talking Point Fri 31 Jan, AT 10:05

Press conference with David Cameron likely to focus on French president's love life rather than the EU

Crispin Black

Lessons from Ukraine: what if WE lost patience with politicians?

Thu 30 Jan, AT 11:52 Crispin Black

Disenchanted Britons have rioted in the past. What would it take to tip the balance today?

Why French tolerate trysts, but are up in arms over gay sex

Talking Point Thu 30 Jan, AT 10:43

France was unfussed by Hollande's infidelity, but issue of same-sex relationships is a 'battleground'

Nicolas Sarkozy is on comeback trail says Chirac's wife

One-Minute Read Wed 22 Jan, AT 10:43

Bernadette Chirac gives strongest indication to date that France's ex-president wants his old job back

Non to Valerie, Non to Julie: Hollande 'wants no First Lady'

Tue 21 Jan, AT 09:38 Nigel Horne

If he continues his romance with Julie Gayet, she's unlikely to be seen at the Elysee or on foreign trips

Claudio Abbado: 'world's greatest conductor' dies at 80

First Reaction Mon 20 Jan, AT 13:38

Italian maestro who led the LSO and the Berlin Philharmonic made concerts 'life-changing events'