Toulouse shootings suspect: who is Mohammed Merah?

Mar 22, 2012

Video emerges of alleged gunman driving a BMW around a car park

MOHAMMED MERAH, suspected of carrying out seven killings in southwest France in the past ten days, is known to the French authorities and has a criminal record in France for non-terrorist crimes, it has been claimed.

Merah is said to be from Toulouse, where his mother lives in the city’s Mirail district. Of Algerian extraction, he is described by neighbours as a “quiet man with a beard” who had “never done anything special”. It is thought he is a mechanic by trade and allegedly has 18 violent crimes on his record. In 2010 he apparently applied to join the French Foreign Legion but failed on his first day. Liberation also claimed that he had tried to sign up two years before that in 2008.

The same paper also said it had spoken to Merah's lawyer who said his client had been sentenced to a month in prison at the end of February after driving without a licence and was due before the judge again in April, when his sentence would be arranged.

Merah, who is alleged to have carried out three fatal shootings on a high-powered scooter, also appears to have a penchant for luxury cars. Le Figaro has posted a video on YouTube (below) of a man who is thought to be Merah driving a BMW around a car park.

The BBC reports that Merah became radicalised “years ago” while serving a prison sentence in France. However it is his time in Afghanistan that brought him to the attention of French intelligence agency the DCRI, who have been tracking him ever since.

Reuters yesterday reported that the man was jailed for "planting bombs" in Afghanistan in 2007 and escaped months later in a mass prison break organised by Taliban insurgents. That version of events has since been denied by the governor of Kandahar.

But French prosecutor Francois Molins says Merah has been to Afghanistan twice and had trained in the militant stronghold of Waziristan. Sky News reports that the US Army put Merah “on the first plane headed to France” after Afghan police detained him at a checkpoint.

Merah is reported to have told police he is a "mujahideen" and that he killed the three soldiers, one Jewish teacher and three Jewish schoolchildren "to avenge Palestinian children". 

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That was another satanist abomination which was set up for certain crime that which was set up to commit.

Why on earth has he got away with so much????? society so blind that people like him should,nt be walking the streets......why isnt governments protecting the people.......i agree with Bergspyder.........close the borders for safety....put more people on the borders and keep these terrorists out of Great Britain and France....why on earth should this happen.that is children and soldiers  they are very special to our countries.........the government needs to tighten up .tell the EU to sling there hooks........and mind there own bloody buisness...poor children R.I.P .and to the two soldiers....may God comfort your families ......R.I.P.

What on earth are you waffling on about, Abu Mohammed? Close the borders.

It's just not good enough for Sarkozy to say don't confuse Islam with Muslim extremists - When will we learn that they are one and the same the same thing?  Read the Koran and it tells you explicitly to conquer the world until it is all Muslim.  His mother refused to help and his brother was in on the plot too.  There will be more and more of these random attacks across Europe and the rest of the world.  They have not been radicalised, they are sleeper cells. Close your borders and repatriate them to their origins. 

These foul, medieval animals will not be ready to integrate for generations to come.  Call it racism if you want, (it's a very easy, non-confrontational cop out), but when we went to war with Iraq, a million people were on London's streets protesting against it.  When did we ever see a million Muslims on the streets protesting against Islamic Jihad?  Never, because they all have the same basic agenda:  To bring western democracy to its knees so that we'll all live in the same physical, emotional, civic and educational squalor that they do.

Just because the primitive minded slug is dead, AND NOT IN HIS IMAGINARY PARADISE, they have made his video "private", presumably out of fear of reprisals for showing it ...

The problem is that a person with a record, as he had, should have been removed from society.  It is obvious his entire family is basically agreed with his actions.  So why are they in France?

Why do we keep letting them into Britain too? Can you imagine Winston Churchill opening our borders to millions of  fanatical German Nazis during WW2 (that's probably a bad analogy as most of the Germans, even enthusiastic Nazis, were not blindly believing religious fanatics like we have here now..)

To your read the Koran bit. Tell me where does it say in the Holly Bible that men must rape little children. ( no it doesn't. I know that even without reading it) Yet more children are raped by men wearing the holly cross in authority then any one else. JUDGE THE ACTION NOT THE BOOK. What Mera done is simply Unforgivable. As mentioned in media his reasons for doing what he done was what is happening happening to Palestinian children every day. ( i suppose that is irrelevant to people like you as what happens Muslim children doesn't mean any thing 

Who was Mohammed Merah? Just another nobody. He hasn't gone to a better place. He hasn't found found some promised land. He wasted his life. Unfortunately his stupidity and fanaticism cost better people than him there lives.

Shakfan.  I'm all in favour of imprisoning (or punishing severely) serial rapists, no matter what ridiculous religion they belong to.  The safety of any children in the hands of Israelies, Palestinians, or any body else is, or should be a cornerstone of basic civilisation.  So, to prolong having kids of any creed being targeted by armed men and women is all that this action, and many of the actions that will no doubt come, will achieve.  
In my view, for what its worth, the Israelies have much blood on their hands as do the Palestinians.  They both need to grow up, talk to eachother and stop blaming each other for past ills.  Same goes for Muslims.  The Crusades took place in the 11th -13th Century - lets just try to get over it can we.  My generation does not need to be beaten by my Great, great, great, great Grandfathers stick - and your generation needs to carry a grudge for over a thousand years.

It is only a Fool that will believe that if
he kills a person, from another Religion (A Non-Muslim to be precise and
preferably a Christian) that he will go to Heaven and be rewarded with 70

1 Corinthians 15:50
Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of
God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

Osama Bin Laden never wanted to die,
the current Al Qaeda head, is hiding and doesn’t’ want to Die.

Does it mean
that Osama Bin Laden and the rest of the hate preachers doesn’t want to be
beneficiaries of the heavenly warm reception of 70 Virgins  

Islam is a
Founded upon lies, by a demented and evil possessed false prophet called
Mohamed. Satan himself is the god of the Muslims, whose demon possess every
single Muslim and manipulates them at will to accomplish his ministry of
destruction on Gods people

After long
years of Religious manipulation, which has seen their leaders seat on their oil
wealth, their Children going to the best Schools in the West (who are supposed
the main enemies), while their poor roam about in illiteracy, ready to be easily
manipulated to commit suicide in the name of Religion, One would have thought
that with the recent Arab spring, that this Arab youths, must have woken up,
from their slumber of years

Who is
Fooling Who?

John 14:6
answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father
except through me.

I also owe you an apology for my comments yesterday (since removed).  They were clearly too generalist and I was very angry.  I judge a religion by the people within it, my friend.  That is why I don't subscribe to any of them, as they serve only to divide those feeble minded enough to believe in legend and fairy stories.  I hope that we can all learn to get along without the all-powerful manipulators telling us what we should think.  

and not one mention of the fact the slain soldiers were Arab muslims?