Hollande 'shared' mistress Trierweiler with Sarkozy aide

Oct 11, 2012

New book claims French First Lady carried on two affairs at the same time while she was married

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FRENCH First Lady Valerie Trierweiler says she plans to sue over the claim that emerged yesterday that in the early 2000s she had simultaneous affairs with both socialist Francois Hollande and right-wing politician Patrick Devedjian, while still married to her husband, Denis.
The allegation is contained in an unauthorised biography of Trierweiler called La Frondeuse - The Troublemaker - by political writers Christophe Jakubyszyn and Alix Bouilhaguet, published today.
In an interview with French magazine Point de Vue the authors claimed that Trierweiler - nicknamed the Rottweiler - was involved with Devedjian, a former advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy and economic recovery minister, who is 21 years her senior.
The book claims that although she asked him to make the "big jump" and leave his wife, he refused. The authors said that Devedjian dithered so much that Trierweiler focused her affections on Hollande.
The Daily Telegraph points out the similarities to the 1962 film Jules et Jim. The writers of the book claim that Hollande and Devedjian knew they were sharing Trierweiler and developed "respect" for each other.
The affair with Devedjian eventually petered out and Hollande left his partner, fellow socialist politician and 2007 presidential candidate Segolene Royal, for Trierweiler, who had split from her husband.
The book will "raise further questions about the private lives of French politicians," reports The Times, which notes that the personal life of Hollande's predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, became "public fare".
"The First Lady is deeply unpopular in opinion polls. She has been described as the 'First Concubine' by the French media, who have delighted in the mutual loathing between her and Ms Royal," says the paper.
This is not the first biography to lift the lid on the bedroom-hopping antics of the French political elite. Last month The Sunday Times reported that a biography of Segolene Royal claimed that Hollande had cheated on her before he met Trierweiler, while another book said Trierweiler found Hollande's roving eye "harrowing".

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