Why are Polish men in London getting military call-up papers?

Mar 24, 2014
Crispin Black

Poland feels vulnerable to Putin’s aggression: and let’s not forget, we’d be bound to help - as we did in 1939

NEXT time you take a tray of tea and custard creams to the nice gang of Polish builders renovating your semi, they may seem a little distracted and anxious. Ask them why, and they will answer that some of them have in the last few weeks received call-up papers as army reservists.   

This happened to a friend of mine in London at the end of last week.  At least 7,000 reservists have been recalled to the colours for immediate exercises lasting between 10 and 30 days.

They’re told by the Polish authorities that the call-ups are “routine”: but the men say they haven’t been asked before and they’re well aware of the growing alarm in Warsaw at President Putin’s aggression. Three weeks ago, their Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, called a press conference to warn that “the world stands on the brink of conflict, the consequences of which are not foreseen… Not everyone in Europe is aware of this situation.”

My own view is that Putin was initially more concerned with righting a specific historical wrong in Crimea than starting a new Cold War.  This is still probably the case despite the dawning truth that the EU/Nato Emperor really has no clothes at all.  

But in the worst case scenario of a truly revanchist Russia, Poland certainly has the borders from hell.  Starting from the top, it abuts Kaliningrad (the Russian exclave on the Baltic carved at the end of the war from East Prussia), Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.

None of these borders relies on any natural barriers like rivers or mountain ranges – they are just lines on a map drawn by Stalin in the full flush of victory.  No wonder the Poles are feeling vulnerable.

And we should be worried, too. Poland is both a Nato and EU member.  We are bound by solemn treaty to defend her in case of attack.  Violation of Poland’s territorial integrity was after all why we went to war reluctantly in 1939.

Thanks to the marvellous 2012 film, The King’s Speech, we are well aware of the historical and personal drama behind King George VI’s radio address to his people on 3 September 1939 after the declaration of war against Germany. The King’s speech was couched in general terms – an appeal to international law and the Almighty.  

But earlier that day the prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, had broadcast to the nation from Number 10 Downing Street in more specific terms that we should remember today: “This morning the British Ambassador in Berlin handed the German Government a final Note stating that, unless we heard from them by 11 o'clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw their troops from Poland, a state of war would exist between us.”  

Listen to a recording, if you can.  Chamberlain’s pause at this point is heartbreaking.  He went on, his voice slightly lower, “I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently this country is at war with Germany.”

That we should defend Poland today seems to me reasonable.  I am still a reservist – until my 55th birthday in December.  If Russian tank columns attacked Warsaw, I would be prepared to do my bit – preferably manning a desk in the MoD, “flying a mahogany bomber” in the jargon, but if necessary, further forward.  (Hopefully, not in the winter, though luckily the silk-lined combat jacket that kept me warm in the Rhine Army and South Armagh a generation ago is somewhere in the attic.)  

We are as a country still in a position to help defend Poland, if necessary.  The UK has tanks, armoured infantry and artillery based in Germany though they are due to be repatriated over the next few years.  General Lord Dannatt has suggested today that not only should we keep our garrisons on the north German Plain for the foreseeable future, but we should reinforce them. I cannot think of a better way to warn off President Putin from any further adventurism.  Perhaps David Cameron might consider reversing some of his defence cuts as well.    

Poland is one thing but there are other states in Russia’s shadow who are members of both Nato and the EU. Would we fight for the vulnerable Baltic states should President Putin turn the screws on them?   

They lie geographically from north to south in alphabetical order: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  All have significant and often restive Russian minorities.  The populations of Estonia and Latvia are nearly a quarter ethnic Russian. The proportion in the eastern parts of Estonia is much higher.  Latvia’s capital, Riga, is nearly half Russian.  Lithuania is only five per cent Russian and as a result more aggressive towards them - a few days ago the government pulled the plug on a pro-Russian TV station.

In the case of Estonia, I feel a regimental, and therefore personal, connection.  A company of Estonians fought gallantly with the Welsh Guards in Afghanistan in 2009.  Three Estonian soldiers were killed in action, as were a number of Welsh Guardsmen, including Lieutenant-Colonel Rupert Thorneloe, the most senior officer to die since Colonel ‘H’ in the Falklands.

Welshmen feel a strong affinity for Estonians – a small and proud nation just like them that has had a difficult history, and with an acute sense of honour.  The British system chose not to give Thorneloe a medal even though many other officers whose lives were never at risk picked up gongs.  The Estonians, bless them, gave him posthumously their Distinguished Service Decoration.

But I fear they are going to have to work out their future with more Russian influence and pressure on their countries than they had anticipated. Both Nato and the EU have made promises they can’t possibly keep. We have led them up the garden path with our empty guarantees.

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Let's hope it won't be like 1939, cause then Poland was left completely alone. Declaring war, and dropping leaflets on Germany didn't help them much. Understand that they remember 1939 as UK's and France betrayal and have no trust in todays assurances coming from so called "western allies".

"Putin's aggression" to accept 95% of Crimea, voting to escape the clutches of an ILLEGAL, UN ELECTED, Zionist banking "government" which took over Ukraine, and looks to plunder the people in the very near future?

Putin is Crimea's savior. I wouldn't be surprised if more portions of Ukraine's PEOPLE VOTE to become part of Russia to escape the clutches of the Bankster take over

Polands PM talks a good game about defense belittling the UK & its contribution to the EU & it's CSDP It wants to be the EU's big cheese when it comes to all things military so good luck to them enjoy the ride with your new friends in the EU

According to very reputable Catholic mystic's there will be fighting in "Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland" - and the following:

- Sister Lucia of Fatima said in 1990: "Russia, because it was not converted, attacks America" and at another time she warned that the events in Europe (fall of USSR) was a deception and Russia will attack Europe.
- Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961), mystic and stigmatic, warned in 1960: "Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her "secret" armies."
- In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic what he had seen in his visions, to which her replied: "I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia in numbers unimaginable towards the West (Europe), and two submarines surfacing on the East and West coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities.

Read online from the prophecies of very reputable Catholic mystics.

- WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe
- The Prophecies of Alois Irimaier
- The Prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello
- The "Three Days Darkness": Which forces and end to WW3

Russia and her allies (with China, all of Islam unites with Russia, and other Marxist countries) wins everywhere for a year or so until God turns the tide and tables, but only after He has allowed our enemies to punish us severely for our sins, abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress, drugs, pornography, but most importantly for the now great "apostasy" happening in the hierarchy of the Church "up to the TOP" and in the "former" Christian and Catholic West. America and the West win in the end but the fighting will be severe and very costly, over 75% of the worlds pop. dies warn these mystics and every major city in the world is destroyed by the war and massive earthquakes, tidal waves, and storms, that dwarf anything ever seen or witnessed by mankind up to this day.

yes the English pedophile royals and banksters who financed the communists AND the Nazi's would like to recreate the massacre at Katyn woods are looking for real life patsies to play to part of the dead polish officers.

Sign up now boys.

So the several hundred thousand British people who died when Britain declared war on Germany for invading Poland is considered "betrayal"? Polish people have a strange version of history, inaccurate and perverted by USSR revisionism.

Ha, utter nonsense.

And Stepa's gang should have thought about Crimea when displacing their democratically elected president.

And its not just Crimea - most of the country is double minded about such dubious 'revolutions'. If 97% of Crimea voted to rejoin Russia there is nothing but the constitution to stop others from following. Of course parts of mainland Ukraine unilaterally joining Russia is inconceivable, but so was the unconstitutional coup a month a go?

Seems you are trying to put Hitlers hat on Putin, thankfully most see right through it by their comments.

Just come back from Poland few days ago, their media is weighed down with propaganda from the west demonizing Russia and the East. They are so chemtrailed they believe everything they hear.

Remember most hate Russia as they had a lot of people go missing in their gulags, yet they never are able to find out it was Bolshevik Zionism behind the USSR, not actual Russians.

err so the Government in Ukraine are both Nazis and Zionists Chris? how does that work in practise, do they persecute themselves?

You should know that Using the word Zionist for no reason makes you look like a lunatic

The 97% "referendum" was a FARCE. Noone knows what the outcome of a fair referendum would have been. While there is no doubt that there is a core of pro-Russian people in Crimea, every single pre-2014 poll taken in Crimea, and previous Crimean elections all pointed to less than 50% of the population supporting union with the Russian Federation.

RIght, as tho Putin thought up the Crimean invasion plan on the spot after Yanukovich had fled Ukraine (and note: noone "displaced" Yanukovich, he displaced himself).

Fair point if so. 97% does sound far-fetched. So there were polls of joining russia pre 2014? Any sources?

Was Crimea invaded though? There were how many troops stationed there and allowed up to how many? 20k?

I am Russian so might be slightly biased and undoubtedly ill informed - just go with whatever the media is feeding (albeit western)

Putin invading other countries is utter nonsense, nonetheless

From what I see the coup was organised by the west, namely the states as they did in dozens of other countries in the past 50 years. Of course there are problems and people are outraged but the ones in power now aren't exactly representing I don't think

Aren't representing the common folk

Really? I thought the Russian propaganda was that the new govt was Banderist-fascist-Nazi? In actuality their propaganda is bogus since indeed there are a couple of part-Jewish ministers and a couple of Russians--one of whom speaks no Ukrainian at all. The 95% is also totally bogus (a respected poll just two months earlier found less than 40% in Crimea favored joining Russia, but the Russians have brought in thousands of "imports" to cause trouble), as was the holding of a referendum under a military occupation, which was carried out in flagrant violation of every intl agreement, including the 94 Budapest Memo where Russia, the US, and UK agreed to guarantee Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in its existing borders. As for the actions of the many hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life on Maidan--that was the most grassroots revolution ever, and against a nasty kleptocracy that stole tens of billions of dollars from the coffers. Some of the biggest Faberge Egg collections in the world were Yanuk's and his Prosecutor's, while his vicious Berkut police murdered about a hundred of his people while he cemented his links with his boss Putin. That vile govt, which put itself in power with Putin's help and a lot of fraud, had to go, which is why there is an interim govt there now. Putin could not accept an independent Ukraine not under his thumb, so invaded, sent in his thousands of thugs to cause trouble and raise Russian flags (many of whom have been proven by their own social media to be members of Russian National Movement and other Russian Nazi parties), and is ready to grab the whole east. He cares nothing for Crimea--it is a pretext. If he cared about Russian people, he might care about his own who he has been ripping off for billions while the regions live in squalor.

I also think that if something similar happened in Falklands Britain would do the same or even in Mexico the us would. Speaking of the us they unilaterally declared independence some 300 years ago from gb. Not to mentions other, similar precedents (Kosovo, Yugoslavia etc). Russia's on even stronger ground than them on this front

It was Russians. They are some of the most xenophobic people going, and incredibly nationalistic-chauvinist. As for propaganda of the West--it is pretty objective fact that Russian military forces invaded Crimea and are poised to do the same with eastern Ukraine. Except if you believe Putin's ridiculous denials about "self-defence forces" who just happen to have the latest Russian military BTR-80As, Mi-28 attack helos, 2A65 gun-howitzers, etc.

Ah, typical Russian with the whole Bandera nonsense. There was never such a diverse and grassroots revolution in history as what happened on Maidan, All parties, walks of life. I spent 4 freezing days there in mid Jan when Berkut started throwing tear gas and nasty Teren shrapnel stun grenades at random, and nobody I spoke with, in English or Russian, including those from Svoboda, voiced any anti-Russian sentiments--only anti Putin government and anti-Yanuk brutal kleptocracy. There is such a thing as governments losing legitimacy, especially when they start murdering their people. As for Yanuk's election--it was full of fraud, as was his try in 04, and as then, had Putin's assist.

Excluding russia from talks is completely counter productive. How do they expect to settle disagreements with one-sided disparaging ultimatums? Sanctions in their present form are futile. We need to work on common ground instead, the west needs to accept the Crimea as it is and only act further if Russia does move to other areas of the country maybe. Either way Aljazeera just said half the commanders deflected to russia so cannot be that bad there after after all. I think the people will be better off now money will be pumped into the region even more so it's already living off Russian tourism. Salaries and pensions are many times higher in Russia than they are in Ukraine

Sure it counts, but Britain started a real fight only after France was invaded not Poland.

LOL not one person believes that garbage you just spewed...

The fact of the matter is Ukraine was the victim of a foreign funded ILLEGAL coup that APPOINTED (not elected) the ex head of the Ukraine central b@nk as Prime Minister of Ukraine.... and his first two plans are a wealth tax a la cyprus on Ukraine bank accounts, and a 15 billion dollar "loan" from his old boss the IMF which as a condition will see Ukraine gas prices rise 40% basically over night.

This is why Crimea voted to ESCAPE the clutches of the Zlonlst b@nkster take over, and I wouldn't be surprised if more areas of Eastern Ukraine try to follow suit.

http://w w w .platts. c o m /latest-news/natural-gas/brussels/ukraine-gas-prices-may-have-to-rise-40-to-satisfy-21366832

citation for gas price increase due to vampire loan from the IMF

http://w w w .zerohedge.c o m /news/2014-03-20/ukraine-goes-cyprus-20-tax-deposits-over-100000-hryvnia-appease-imf

citation for the coming Ukraine bank deposit confiscation a la Cyprus... and 100,000 Hryvnia is only about 6000.00 US Dollars!

More anti-Russia hysteria/propaganda. Putin is going for Poland now. LOL!

I assume you're talking to me?

The new APPOINTED (not elected) Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk is the ex head of the Ukranian central bank, with Jewish roots. He also had a foundation called "The Arseniy Yatsenyuk foundation" funded by such people as "The German Marshall Fund" who's chairmen is Guido Goldman. His father was Nahum Goldman, the co founder of the World Jewish Congress and the PRESIDENT of the "World Zionist Organization!"

That's about as ZIONIST as you can get!

here's a link to all the info so people can see the TRUTH ;) Ahh truth. It ALWAYS wins.

http://w w w. theoccidentalobserver.n e t/2014/03/the-arseniy-yatsenyuk-foundation-has-disappeared/

I assume you're talking to me? lets see here...

The new APPOINTED (not elected) Prime Minister, Arseniy-Yatsenyuk... just "happens" to be the ex head of the Ukraine Central Bank, with Jewish parents. And he also happens to head a foundation called "The Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation"... The primary funding of which comes from "The German Marshall Fund" who's chairmen is Guido Goldman.... His father, Nahum Goldman was the co-founder of the World Jewish Congress and the PRESIDENT of the...wait for it... "World Zlonist Organization"...

That's about as Zionist as you can get, my friend.

and once again... Truth wins.

http://w w w .theoccidentalobserver.n e t /2014/03/the-arseniy-yatsenyuk-foundation-has-disappeared/

citation for above.

And just in case you're wondering who OWNs the US administration... here's Joe Biden proclaiming to be a proud "non Jewish Zionist"

Joe Biden: "When I was a young senator I used to say if I were a Jew I'd be a Zionist... well I AM a Zionist, you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist"

http://w w w .youtube.c o m /watch?v=6cnXeoJYa_Q

FYI another example of a NON Jewish prominent Zionist includes but isn't limited to, David Rockefeller... before Trolls try to play the "anti semite" card...

Western powers betrayed them after the war also. Poland got hit real hard in WW2.

thank god Australia is in Asia... way down the bottom.. Good luck over there in Europe... keep filling those history books

Whose rear end and boots taste better to you, moron?

Putin's, Obama's, Ron Paul's, or Lyndon LaRouche?

"Such a principle, stripped of all disguise, is surely the mere primitive
doctrine that might is right. For the sake of all that we ourselves
hold dear, it is unthinkable that we should refuse to meet the

And so, as you hate zionists so much, how do you like licking the sphincter of the Saudis? As much as you do the iranians or the Russians?

Hello Scum, I and millions of others defecate in your open shocked mouth, you ignorant islamo-nazi turd licker.

"with Jewish roots."

Yeah, nazi scum always check the jewish blood line. Douche bag, you need a bullet in your brain.

Ah, "bankster", a true commie nazi douchebag. Can you type better with your hitler doll pegging your flabby anus?

Bullshit, ahole, the JINOS in in the CCCP were in the distinct minority, and your precious Stalin WAS AN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN SEMINARY STUDENT, so you might as well blame CHRIST for Communism as you do the Jews.

You jew-hating cockroaches are like sack a moll LICE. Your tiny genitals enrage you, your mothers rejections enrage, and you pick on the one group that has done more for the medicine toy cure the crankier of your tiny brain.

Any links to prove it or you talking out of your ass as always...

Forget about conventional weapons and troops. The KGB runs Russia now with a fascist coalition of Russian energy oligarchs. The Russian forces outnumber us 20 to 1 and are fighting at home. They would beat the pants off us in a conventional war and would stop at nothing to do it. See what a mess they have made of Chechnya and what they did in Afghanistan: land mines disguised as kids' toys etc. They have no respect for anybody-see some thug knock an old lady of 80 to the ground in Crimea right on camera and the assassinations that are being carried out on dissidents both inside and outside Russia,
Drag as many nukes as possible and as near as possible to the new Russia, on the eastern Polish border, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Iran etc. Let Putin know that they are pointed straight at HIM and his family, if he has one. He has annexed Georgia, Crimea and now has virtually done the same in Ukraine. The Donbas, Poland and the Baltic States are next. Poland does not exist in the Russian mind set. It was their Pale of Settlement where they concentrated the persecuted Russian Jews in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Russians have colonised the countries bordering them and are now using these colonial Russians to create rigged electoral imbalances and foment secession. This is precisely what Hitler did in Austria, the Sudetenland, and Prussia, There is a gang of fascists in the Kremlin now and if we haven't learned our lesson from the appeasement of dictators in the 1930's we don't deserve to hang on to our countries.

Did you come up with this rubbish yourself or someone helped you?

Putin wouldn't take Poland even if you presented it to him for free.

Stalin, Beria, Dzerzhinsky were Russians?

Stalin's real last name was Dugashaskavili, or Jewison. He obviously was not going to do well in politics in Russia with the last name of Jewison. No less than the Simon Montefiore said he was one of Rothschilds first employees in his oil ventures in Georgia. That said, all these nasty Zionist Jews that murdered 60 million Christians in Russia were put up to it by the English Secret Service. England refused Tzar Nicholas sanctuary and he was murdered shortly thereafter.

Although you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, you picked two poor examples with Rockefeller and Biden.

The Rockefellers are listed as one of the leading Sephardic Families of the USA in a book that gives all the prominent sephardic families and Rockefellers only marry WASPs or Jews in the USA. Anyways they areOxbridge/Central Bank English Crown Loyalist, and the old man has been Knighted by QE for his service to her. Goodness knows he's mainly looted and destroyed the USA every chance he could get.

Joe Biden is part Jewish on his mothers side. His daughter married a Zionist Jew and the ceremony was Jewish not Catholic. Biden lies about everything like Bush, Clinton (a Rockefeller) and Obama.

Now the Mormons say the English/Anglosaxon people are the lost tribe of Judah. They are christian Zionist. Zionism is specified over and over again in both the old and new testaments as a sin.

You can't be a Christian and a Zionist, anymore than you can be a Christian Nazi or Christian Satanist.

The Rockefellers have spared no expense to hide their Jewish heritage and sponsors in England.

We owe Poland and the Eastern European states nothing. They are big enough to defend themselves nowadays. Besides, after being highly active partners in the Warsaw Pact, they should be abreast of the Russian military tactics and doctrine anyway. No way should this country be embroiled in another pointless conflict, that lets us kill our young servicemen and women, for a non British population that just seeks to take all it can from this country without giving any respect or thanks back to it. At least Putin has an agenda, and won't bow down to Brussels. The people of Crimea had a referendum to decide their future, where is ours????

I didn't come up with it-history did.Who is paying you to write your selective, irrelevent drivel. Can't you remember the cold war and the occupied satellite police states in Eastern Europe? Confrontations in Berlin, Cuba, 1956 in Hungary, 1968 in Prague, the Berlin Wall, the gulags? Every Western country was a nest of Communist spies.
So what if Stalin and company were from the periphery of the Soviet Empire? They landed in the perfect environment to perpetrate their horrors. Water always finds its own level. Moreover, Stalin and co. didn't do all the dirty work themselves - delegation was easy. The Ukrainians even welcomed the Nazis in 1941 after what they went through under the Russians in the previous 20 years-millions dying of starvation, reverting to cannibalism, or sent to the gulag. It was the same in all the "liberated" states that the Nazis conquered in WWII.ANYTHING was better than having the Russians.
The Russians were a pain in the ass under the Czars, they were a menace under the Communists, nearly brought about the extinction of our species and they are a threat now that they have reverted to Fascism.At least under late Communism there was a passive resistance movement of intellectuals of which my relations were part of. Now there is NOTHING. Putin has has extinguished all resistance to his regime and the Russian people do nothing! I knew a man who was with the Allies that briefly invaded Russia after WW I. He described the Russians as "sheep." I didn't quite understand what he meant as I was very young at the time. But now I do. They will accept ANY form of "government." They accepted the Boyers, Czars, Communists and now Fascists. Why don't they get off their asses and take their country back and stop their fascist mafia bosses imposing themselves on other countries.

What is the matter? Too much truth just for one session? Funny to see you squirm when facts hit you, all of you :)

The Baltic friends under the current governments are achieving demographic annihilation within one generation. In 20 years Estonia will be empty of Estonians, Putin does not need to invade now, Russia can take the whole of the Baltic states without firing a single shot in the near future. Indeed, we cannot run the whole of Europe in a demographic catastrophe, not to mention the ubiquitous multicultural nonsense and extremely weak political culture, and expect that Russia will not take advantage of it. We need a 180 degrees turn in politics and demography, NOW!

LOL I've never seen a Zionist lackey foaming at the mouth so much, from TRUTH OVER LOAD.

Truth- The Zionist poison!

'Welshmen feel a strong affinity for Estonians' where did you get that tot from ?

Some expected tub-thumping, but not a bad article overall. better than the offerings on the DT, Speccie or Breitbart at the moment.
what Poland probably needs to worry about most is that it has tried to be a new regional power in the East, controlling the Eastern agreement, and has got caught with its trousers down in public.
Putin is unlikely to take control anywhere else, but he is sending a clear message that the bear is not in hibernation, so don't go making plans that ignore him. Even Merkel was caught off guard, and she should have known better.

Dumb pollocks.

Going to start another World War.

Which god are you referring to? I would hate to have Thor pissed at me, but not so much if Piorun was on my side.

British and French soldier were just sitting around in France during September 1939 while Germany and Russia divided Poland in half and raped the populace.
Let's not forget that no shots were fired from the Western front at all!
Polish people will NOT forget that!

British and French soldier were just sitting around in France during September 1939 while Germany and Russia divided Poland in half and raped the populace.
Let's not forget that no shots were fired from the Western front at all!
Polish people will NOT forget that!

In 1939 both the US and Brittan promised to help Poland but neither did anything as Poland was overrun by both the Nazis and the Russian army. America's President using strict verbal threats regarding what "we" the American people will do if Russia does this or that are just useless threats and vain blabberings and Putin knows it. If Poland expects anything from anyone, they better not be counting on the US or Great Brittan to do anything. Once again, it will be just like it was in 1939.

And what Britain and France did in 1939? Yes, we all remember.

Wake up please to the simple solution for dealing with all of this sabre rattling and war engineering. Take out the Bank for International Settlements and its network of debt-creating central banks. Destroy the international bankers and their political acolytes! How? By exposing that every sovereign nation has the absolute right to create and issue its own debt-free and interest-free money through its treasury based on the wealth and credit of that nation to meet the needs, security and happiness of that nation. The government of that nation then regulates through its democratic mandate the debt-free money supply using intelligent and transparent taxation to avoid over-heating and inflation. Job done! Check out the Bradbury Pound in its centenary year. Defeat the New World Order by attacking its Achilles Heel! Their 'right' to create global debt and to create hidden agenda!

How about you get off your arses and defend yourselves!!!! Why wait for somebody else to do it for you!!! Bit like today when your countrymen and women are "raping" the West dry of its finances!!!!

Break out your silk-lined combat jacket, Crispin.

But don't worry about being cold on the Eastern Front. The white heat of the technological (nuclear) revolution will take care of that, all in one blinding flash.

It's good there is so many Poles in UK, so they don't have to travel too far to save your butts again. Glory to 303. Polish Fighter Squadron

that;s right

Most of the posts to this thread are clearly students of propaganda not history. I look forward to the day when the mushrooms are sprouting all over the EU and US. to curb once and for all NATO blood lust!

There is not God but the God of the Christian, The Most Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Three in One God and two natures in one of Christ.

All other god's are god's of the devil to lead men astray. Soon all will know what and who God is - to the demise of many.

War. What a sad, sad waste of people.

Sorry but this makes no sense in the nuclear age. Any war between Nato and Russia would be over within hours. If you are lucky you would be somewhere in the Southern hemisphere when it happened and you may stand a chance of surviving it, though the nuclear winter would probably still mean that you'd starve. This isn't 1939 or even 1914, and Russia is no Nazi Germany. As a country they can barely keep the lights on or their roads paved. You can't even drive from the Eastern part of the country to the western part, there isn't a single paved road connecting them. There is one railway line, the transsiberian railway which can be severed by one missile and you have basically cut the far east off from the rest of Russia. If anything, Russia faces an existential threat, particularly from China, who are slowly and methodically taking over Siberia. Once they lose Siberia, they will be little more than a bigger version of Belarus.

A couple of nice nukes down the Kremlin's smokestack would wake up Mr. Putrid of Russia. Only trouble is Obama hasn't got the balls to use them. He is our current day Chamberlain. Sorry, Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania, you are seriously screwed and out of luck with our pansy so-called President. How terribly sad. We should talk with nukes. Not one American boy to die over there again. Nuke the bastards.

you can not defend a betrayal so you redirect and lie... nice - you are learned. Are you apt student of
Joseph Goebbels propaganda and
Stalin KGB aparacik...? Just wondering no malice intended.

1939? where? when? what? please expend on that thought

at my time 14 people voted UP... wow so many ignorant people... what your honor was smeared... don't worry. In first place you will need to have some.

I would say that those people pay more taxes than others. Do you sugest they should earn nothing? It's very interesting :) ROLF

So they can't defend themself? What do you say when russians invade your country?

I'd hate to have this journo as a friend. Loyalty and integrity don't seem high on his list.

Sure. As long as either France or Britain uses their own supply. Six decades of freeloading is long enough.

"Both Nato and the EU have made promises they can’t possibly keep. We have led them up the garden path with our empty guarantees"

If Nato is not protecting Estonia, Nato can close the whole company. Estonia is the best Nato country I am sure US is going to protect them.