Eurovision 2014: the five most eye-catching acts

May 7, 2014

Gyrating milk maids, a bearded lady and a song about baking a cake – it must be Eurovision


THIS year’s Eurovision Song Contest includes a rapping milkmaid, a colourful pair of pre-school teachers and curious preoccupation with facial hair.

Last year, Denmark triumphed with Emmelie De Forest's Only Teardrops, while the UK’s Bonnie Tyler came in 19th place.This year British hopes rest on Molly Smitten-Downes.

With the semi-finals already underway in Copenhagen, and the grand finale taking place on Saturday at 8pm, we preview five of the most eye-catching acts in the competition...
Poland – Donatan & Cleo, We Are Slavic
This year’s most risqué act is Donatan & Cleo with the catchy song We are Slavic. The video – which features busty milkmaids gyrating, bathing in barrels and kneading bread – has been a hit on YouTube since it was first released in October last year. The duo will have to qualify in Thursday night’s second semi-final if they want to stand a chance of winning the main event on Saturday.

Austria – Conchita Wurst, Rise Like a Phoenix Conchita Wurst is the transvestite alter ego of former boy-band star Tom Neuwirth. Known as the “bearded lady”, the Austrian singer has faced a barrage of homophobic and transphobic attacks from within her own country and from other countries including Russia. She nevertheless describes her beard as a “symbol of tolerance” and has garnered thousands of fans. Wurst will also perform in Thursday’s semi-final.

Latvia – Aarzemnieki, Cake to Bake
Originally from Germany, Aarzemnieki made a name for themselves by writing a farewell song to the Latvian currency when the euro was introduced in the summer of 2013. Now they have written a song about baking a cake. Lyrics include: “How to bake, how to bake, bake that cake.” Unfortunately, Aarzemnieki – meaning foreigners – failed to impress in last night’s semi-finals are were booted out of the competition.

France – Twin Twin, The Moustache
French boy-band Twin Twin will be performing a bouncy ode to facial hair on Saturday night. The dance track tells the story of a man who has “everything you dream you have” but still wants a moustache. Or, as Twin Twin describe it, a “humorous and affectionate critique of our culture of hyper-consumption”.

Iceland – Pollaponk, No Prejudice
Two of Pollaponk’s colourful members are pre-school teachers who made their first album as part of their education degrees. The self-described “middle aged, heterosexual, white men” arrived at yesterday’s Eurovision red carpet wearing dresses and will be joined by a member of the Icelandic parliament as a background vocalist on Saturday.

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