Richard Ehrman

You have to admire Draghi, but this won’t save the useless euro

Fri 7 Sep, AT 08:41 Richard Ehrman

If the eurozone is to be saved, it will have to be by its political leaders - not its central bankers

Eurozone wants Greeks to work six days a week to pay debts

One-Minute Read Wed 5 Sep, AT 12:05

Leaked email from EU and IMF outlines demands for Greek labour flexibility

Unilever to treat Europe like Asia as 'poverty returns'

One-Minute Read Tue 28 Aug, AT 13:25

As eurozone crisis reduces consumer spending, company applies lessons from its poorer markets

Eurozone contracts 0.2 per cent, and could drag Germany down

One-Minute Read Tue 14 Aug, AT 11:58

But for now the German economy is growing while the likes of Italy and Portugal see their GDP fall

More austerity planned as Greek GDP continues huge contraction

One-Minute Read Mon 13 Aug, AT 14:48

Greece, in ninth straight quarter of GDP decline, must agree yet more austerity cuts by next month

Germany gets the blame as ECB fails to soothe eurozone worries

Talking Point Fri 3 Aug, AT 10:40

Analysts line up to denounce ECB's failure to flesh out plans to buy Italian and Spanish debt

Big guns rally around euro as Germans call for return to Mark

One-Minute Read Mon 30 Jul, AT 10:37

Leaders of Germany, France and Italy say they will do everything to save euro, but German public has other ideas

Moody's threatens Germany downgrade as Spanish bonds soar

One-Minute Read Tue 24 Jul, AT 10:24

Credit rating agency says stable eurozone nations are threatened by developments in Spain and Greece

Spain gets €30bn eurozone loan for struggling banks

One-Minute Read Tue 10 Jul, AT 08:55

EuroGroup agrees first part of €100bn payment will be handed over at end of month

Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz: Merkel needs a change in attitude to save euro

Summary Fri 29 Jun, AT 15:50

Germany's prescription of austerity for Europe is making problems worse, says eminent economist