Cameron treats the press pack mean on Mexico summit trip

Wed 20 Jun, AT 15:45 The Mole

Reports of blackmail and leaky buses filter back from the frontline of geopolitics

Angela Merkel

Italy and Spain to be given £600 billion bailout

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Jun, AT 11:16

Germans back plan to allow EU bailout money to be used to purchase the debts of struggling governments


It wasn't us! EU chief Barroso blames US for financial crisis

One-Minute Read Tue 19 Jun, AT 12:27

EU commission president gets irritable at G20 summit after Canadian hack suggests North Americans shouldn't help solve euro debt crisis

Richard Ehrman

Greece has done as it was told. Now will Germany finally budge?

Tue 19 Jun, AT 07:22 Richard Ehrman

Greece voted the 'correct' way, but unless Germany makes big concessions, the slow motion car crash will continue

Bank of England

Treasury and BoE prepare for Greece poll with money injection

First Post Fri 15 Jun, AT 08:22

George Osborne and Sir Mervyn King unveil 'funding for lending' plan to get banks lending to businesses

Spain economy

Spain's borrowing costs hit critical seven per cent mark

First Post Thu 14 Jun, AT 12:20

Full financial bailout now appears inevitable as Merkel rules out 'miracle solutions'

Martin Sorrell

WPP shareholders vote down CEO Martin Sorrell's pay package

First Post Wed 13 Jun, AT 15:00

CEO had robustly defended his pay and says controversy over performance bonus is 'deeply disturbing'

Miners strike in Asturias

Spain bailout: miners of Asturias rise up against austerity

Point of View Tue 12 Jun, AT 12:18

The miners of Asturias began the struggle against Franco. Now they are leading a militant protest against Spanish austerity

Spain’s soft bailout: ‘Us too,’ say Ireland and Greece

First Post Sun 10 Jun, AT 10:05

The renegotiation can-of-worms has been opened as Ireland demands same pain-free bailout terms as Spain

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy

Spain bailout 'due over weekend' - but only for the banks

One-Minute Read Fri 8 Jun, AT 13:24

Madrid is expected to ask EU for money to help its banks - but it will not be a full state bailout