Cameron dilemma: euro 'banking union' could force Tobin tax

Thu 7 Jun, AT 10:24 The Mole

PM knows the eurozone needs to form a 'banking union' to escape crisis, but he fears the consequences for the City

Angela Merkel and Mariano Rajoy

Eurozone crisis: is Germany about to go soft on Spain?

First Post Thu 7 Jun, AT 07:46

EU and German sources say Berlin is preparing to offer Spain a 'soft bailout' and spare it national humiliation

Richard Ehrman

Spain teeters on euro brink, but is it too big for Germany to bully?

Tue 5 Jun, AT 13:31 Richard Ehrman

After cowing Portugal, Greece and Ireland, Germany has finally met its match in its game of euro debt crisis chicken

Will Spain get Euro bank bail out as financial crisis deepens?

First Post Thu 31 May, AT 12:16

Europe's fourth-largest economy needs help as markets tumble and fears of a banking collapse mount

Christine LaGarde

Greeks insult Christine Lagarde on Facebook after tax comments

Talking Point Mon 28 May, AT 14:45

IMF boss provokes fury on social media after attack on 'people in Greece trying to escape tax'

Olice oil

Olive oil surplus adds to economic pain in Spain

One-Minute Read Mon 28 May, AT 13:17

Falling demand for olive oil in the Mediterrean and a bumper harvest have driven prices to a 10-year-low

Eurozone 'Grexit' meeting

Eurozone 'wants Greece to stay' but countries plan for 'Grexit'

Summary Thu 24 May, AT 07:54

German central bank says a Greek exit would be manageable and eurozone countries are drawing up contingency plans

Richard Ehrman

Alexis Tsipras: only man talking sense on Greece and the euro

Tue 22 May, AT 07:50 Richard Ehrman

Leftist Greek leader has markets worried, but his call for Greece to be given a realistic way to stay in the euro is reasonable


Labour offering an EU referendum? What a load of Balls

Mon 21 May, AT 09:09 The Mole

But Labour's mischievous suggestion that it would outbid UKIP has got the Conservatives at it again…

David Cameron and Ed Miliband

Miliband ponders EU poll as Cameron's voters turn to UKIP

First Post Sun 20 May, AT 10:34

Labour leader urged to offer referendum as poll shows alarm in Tory ranks over euro turmoil