Carlos Slim

World's richest man bids for Dutch telecoms giant Royal KPN

One-Minute Read Wed 9 May, AT 16:23

Telecoms billionaire Carlos Slim offers $2.1bn for a third of the company

British pound euro

Strong pound: should I buy my holiday euros now?

Briefing Tue 8 May, AT 13:38

As the pound rises to a three-year high against the euro, experts predict it could strengthen further

Protest Spain austerity

Austerity retreats as refuseniks make gains across Europe

Summary Tue 8 May, AT 10:05

Established parties are feeling the heat as economies falter and voters react. Could Italy be next?

Greek neo-Nazi leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Greece elects neo-Nazis amid new fears for euro and Europe

First Post Mon 7 May, AT 15:02

After Hollande's victory in France, radical Greeks give a resounding no to austerity

Francois Hollande

European stock markets fall as Hollande win frightens investors

One-Minute Read Mon 23 Apr, AT 16:12

Socialist is 'not necessary a darling of the financial markets', says analyst

Richard Ehrman

Spain on the brink: time to agree the euro is deeply flawed

Fri 13 Apr, AT 07:58 Richard Ehrman

If Spain tips over the edge, even the eurozone's blinkered elite must see that change is needed

Global shares pull out

Global share sell-off: why are investors running scared again?

Briefing Wed 11 Apr, AT 10:44

Spanish and Italian bonds, US unemployment and Greek elections are making investors nervous


Wir sagen nein! Bild refuses to take cut on Greek bonds

First Post Wed 7 Mar, AT 15:27

Plucky German tabloid makes a (futile) stand against Greek bailout 'sham'

Greek bailout on hold again – what’s gone wrong this time?

Summary Wed 15 Feb, AT 07:52

Increasingly bullish European leaders prepare for Greece to default and leave the euro